This Saturday, Beware the Batman returned with new episodes. Was this a good episode to return with? I would say….YES! Spoilers ahead!

In “Family“, Katana’s (Sumalee Montano) secrets come back to haunt her when Silver Monkey (James Remar) threatens Bruce Wayne (Anthony Ruivivar) and Alfred (J.B. Blanc) if she doesn’t hand over the Soultaker Sword. With all this hanging over her, she decides to finally come clean to her boss. Wayne doesn’t the news well at all, and then ends up getting kidnapped by Silver Monkey and his minions.

For many fans of the show, the League of Assassins’ plot is the most interesting, so it is probably a good thing that the show returned from it’s break with this episode. High quality stuff, let me tell you.

As usual, seeing Katana and Batman beat down some ninja never gets old. But on the off chance you do get tired of seeing the lackeys  get taken down, Silver Monkey proves again that he is far more lethal then his henchmen.

When Bruce is kid-napped, at first I was worried that he really was abducted. I should have known better. As usual, Batman manages to impress with his smarts.

But the best part of the episode is the very end. Lady Shiva (Finola Hughes) arrives, and pretty much kicks butt, and shows Silver Monkey who is boss. Oh, she also drains someone’s soul. TV-PG stuff here. Hughes does a good job with the voice, giving Shiva an edge under the delicate tone. Her fight with Batman and Katana is brief, but exciting, so I’ll be waiting for that rematch.

And the scene after that is almost as good, but on an emotional level. I won’t spoil that. I guess, but it is something that fans have been waiting for. This is one of the best episodes so far. Watch it!