X-FORCE’s Jeff Wadlow Is Asking For Casting Suggestions, We Have Some!

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20th Century Fox’s next entry in the X-Men universe will be an adaptation of the X-Force. Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow has been tapped to write and direct the film. Wadlow has taken to Twitter asking fans for casting ideas. While pointing out he can’t reveal the lineup. Although, it’s been alluded by Rob Liefeld that Cable and Deadpool are shoe-ins. Other members such as Warpath and Bishop are already established in X-Men Days of Future Past. I assume Blink could also be involved as well. We have a couple of our own ideas concerning both the film’s lineup and who should be looked at for roles. It’s a rare opportunity that an X-Men director would actually ask the online community for casting suggestions, so here we go!


JOE MANGANIELLO AS CABLE: Stephen Lang originally campaigned for the role of Cable but it’s unlikely he’ll end up joining because of his commitments to Avatar 2, 3 and 4. It’s also possible that Fox could end up looking at slightly younger actors. Allowing to make more movies with the actors they hire. Hugh Jackman has made seven films with Fox. I’m sure they’d want something similar for Cable.

Joe Manganiello has been in the running for both leads in Superman Vs. Batman and Man of Steel for director Zack Snyder. Here’s a chance for Fox to pick up the ball after Warner Bros. dropped it. His active pursuing of roles like this, leads us to believe Manganiello really wants a superhero franchise. It might help Jo is a Marvel film alumni. Thanks to his role of Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. He’s going to earn some action flick points for David Ayer’s (Training Day, End of Watch) Sabotage which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington. If the studio is looking for someone who could replace Hugh Jackman as the staple character in an X-Men lineup, Joe is the guy to do it. Granted he’s a little younger than some might have pictured for the role but he’s got some grey in there.


GEMMA ARTERTON, EMILIA CLARKE, ANDREA RISEBOROUGH AND MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD  FOR DOMINO/PSYLOCKE/WOLFSBANE: We currently don’t know for sure which ladies from the X-Force lineups will make the cut. So, I’ve chosen the three most well known female X-Force members as the possible main heroine in the film. Including a bevy of actresses who could really pull off a franchise role like this. Some have been previously linked for both DC and Marvel roles.

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DAVID OYELOWO AS FORGE: Mr. Oyelowo (Spooks, Rise of The Planet of The Apes, The Butler) is just the kind of cool and level-headed person to take on the role of Forge. The X-Force’s tech-wizard is also one of the more mature members of the team. A fan favorite for Black Panther, the actor has been recently linked to both Jurassic World and Star Wars: Episode VII. David is a great actor and any franchise would be lucky to have him. Plus, he’s also got the whole covert team thing down thanks to his UK spy series Spooks.


TATIANA MASLANY AS X-23: We have no idea if Logan will be making an appearance in the film. Wolverine has been a contributing member of the team for a while now. However, if they do decided they want a character similar to him but without the baggage of Hugh Jackman stealing all their thunder. Why not introduce his badass female clone X-23? Just a couple alternations and tweaks to her origin story. Perhaps, professional cloner villain Mr. Sinister is involved with creating her. I’ve chosen Tatiana because (like Jackman) she’s not known to film audiences and is actually Canadian. Not that really matters, but it would be nice to see more canucks in the X-Men universe. Come on Fox, where is our Alpha Flight movie? Her series Orphan Black has taken both sides of the border by storm. It’s a logical jump to see the young actress move into movies and to be at least considered for a role like this. At this point it’s doubtful Fox will include X-23 in the first film but it would be a nice way to introduce her and Sinister.


LIAM MCINTYRE AS SHATTERSTAR: The Aussie has broken out thanks to his starring role on Spartacus. Liam was recently linked for a jedi role in Star Wars: Episode VII and has more than enough experience swinging a sword. Since Shatterstar is known for wielding two swords this makes perfect sense to us. It’s possible that background is why Lucasfilm was looking at him for Star Wars. Plus, he’s a small enough of a character that fans won’t be crazed that a somewhat unknown actor has taken the role.


BURN GORMAN AS FANTOMEX: I was first aware of Burn thanks to Matthew Vaughn’s (X-Men First Class, Stardust, Kick-Ass, The Secret Service) Layer Cake. Since then, he’s gone on to have interesting supporting roles in films such as The Dark Knight Rises and Pacific Rim. Not to mention television work that includes Doctor Who, Torchwood and Game of Thrones. I think he’d make a perfect addition to the X-Men universe plus it doesn’t hurt he has ties to Matthew Vaughn.

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JON HAMM AS MISTER SINISTER: Hamm had been a fan favorite for both Zack Snyder’s new Superman and Batman. Neither seemed to pan out but people online seemingly still want him for one of these films. I’ve heard suggestions like Doc Strange or even the perfect Tony Stark replacement. When Marvel eventually decides to recast the role. However, I think Jon would have more fun playing a villain. I had him pegged as Black Mask in future Batman films but he’d also make a stellar Sinister. We’ve seen that he’s able to have a bit of dark streak to him thanks to roles like The Town. If Kevin Bacon and Peter Dinklage are playing X-Men villains Hamm at least deserves a shot at it. Sinister is a villain we’ve all been waiting for and it’s about time they give him his due. There are a million ways they could go with him and including him could setup an eventual confrontation with the all mighty Apocalypse.

Okay Mr. Wadlow, we’ve given you some solid casting choices. Now the ball is in your court. Try to make a couple of these happen. As it would warm our little mutant-loving hearts to see these characters come to life on screen. Plus, a lot of these actors already have their own fan-bases that would gladly shell out bucks to seem them in a superhero flick. Anyways, if you also have your own ideas of who Jeff, Lauren and Fox should cast in X-Force. Give us your suggestions in the comments section below.

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