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Dwayne McDuffie died two years ago. (If you don’t know who this man is, look him up.) He changed the face of comics by adding much needed diversity into a field that was homogeneous. Historically, superhero comics have been written to appease white male fantasies. Ironically, many of the early creators were first or second generation Americans, mostly poor Jews who were unable to find work in other fields due to discrimination. As a result of the intense anti-Semitism and racism, they were forced to change their names and create characters that fit the extreme white standards of masculinity. Those characters from the 1940s and 1960s, predominantly white, hetero-sexual males, are still seen as most marketable today.

McDuffie knew this and created a minority-based segment of DC called Milestone. This company featured a more realistic comic universe with characters similar to the populations that represent the demographics of America. Milestone Universe featured many minorities that were under-represented, including blacks, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, and females. I could tell you more about McDuffie, like how awesome the TV show Static Shock was, but I won’t so that you can do your research and find out how much he did for diversity in the comic industry.

We still have a long way to go. For so long it has been a strong belief that comics starring black characters can’t sell. Then, why did Blade do so well in the theater? And Django? Why are action movies with black leads so successful? (Side note: Most white people won’t go near black dramas, yet action movies with black folk they dig?) Heck, why did Static Shock do so well on TV but his comic was recently cancelled? This disregard for black characters has been an excuse for comic stores and companies to put no effort into promoting these books (except when they tried to tokenize Miles Morales). They are re-enforcing the myth that black characters aren’t profitable, because obviously, sales will be low when marketing effort is nonexistent.

I admit that there have been a lot of crappy comics related to black characters. In fact, I think companies sometimes hijack black and minority characters by putting them in horrible stories to prove that they’re failures. One horrific example was when they took Black Panther, the most badass character in comics, a man who runs the coolest, strongest country in the world, and had him move to Hell’s Kitchen, go on a break with his wife Storm, become the Man Without Fear, and run a freaking diner, A DINER!!! But there is a lot of great stuff too, from Miles Morales as Spider-man, to Bendis’ work on Luke Cage, to Reggie Hudlin’s run on Black Panther, to the instant classic, Truth: Red, White & Black, in which we learn that the first Captain America was a black man forced to endure super-soldier testing similar to the Tuskegee Experiments (look up this comic too.)

When I read that the Ultimate Line was rumored to be cancelled, I almost freaked. (Luckily, this rumor was false.) The truth is, I have read almost every issue of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man and believe it is one of the best titles out now. Miles Morales’ Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is not only one of the best comics starring a black or Latino character, but it’s one of the best comics period! I can go on and on about the family dynamics, the real-life drama the characters face, how deep it is and how connected the characters are, but the problem is that I have bought none of them. I get the issues from my library or read them in Barnes and Noble.

So why am I complaining? I would be devastated if his series got cancelled. I need to change my buying habits, not be swept into big events and mainstream, but support the series I truly believe in. I need to change the big two with my buck, baby! Why are we not buying these books? The colors and demographics of geekdom is changing. We have more fanboys and fangirls from all different diverse backgrounds. Comics will change as these fans become the creators. As America’s demographics change, comics will be forced to follow suit. Just don’t let Miles Morales and Batwing and the other great characters of today die today! Don’t let positive images of female characters die today! I need my monthly fix of Miles. I am adding his title to my pull stack right now.


Jay Deitcher, LMSW(@mrdeitcher) is an educator on comic history and runs successful Free Comic Book Day events yearly.  You can see a listing of his incredible articles at JayDeitcher.com.

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  • Jason

    I am all for it. Developing existing characters or the creation of new characters, with rich and deep story lines that go beyond any given gender or racial premises. What I do not like though, is when existing developed characters are hijacked and made into something completely different, simply to apply racial or gender proliferation…meaning changing a known loved character simply because more black, Latino, Asian, etc characters are lacking and need more presence.
    More are needed as their own creation, like Black Panther, Red Falcon, Luke Cage, etc with richer story lines. Unique and NEW characters are needed as well, and not just taking the lazy way and doing an “All New 52″ type concept and making them other races or genders. Also, in the creation of new characters that are non-white…which despite such displeasure at their being so over the years, but enthralling fans of any race or gender over the years…is that if new character race and gender types are created, they have to appeal character and story wise beyond the racial and gender own conceptualizations based on any given tropes or stereotypes…and any cultural biases. Do that…and like Luke Cage, BP, RF, and more…you will reach greater enthusiasm and popularity. Hijacking characters, only breeds further contempt due to the laziness of it and basically doing the thing by not respect to the original characters or those that may like them…regardless of race or gender.

    • johaness vix

      I just wont buy those “new” characters, they are shit and I cannot indentify with them.

  • Luke

    I’m guessing Webb’s selection of Jamie Foxx for the role of Electro wasn’t a coincidence. There was clearly an agenda behind this because Jamie Foxx is just a terribly obscure casting choice. I’m not against the movement but if it means lobbying misfit actors in to desecrate what would’ve been an otherwise great movie that everyone was looking forward to then this is the wrong way of going about it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elliotdash Elliot Dash

      Like Anna Paquin as Rogue ?? Michael Keaton as Batman? George Clooney as Batman? The list goes on and on with ‘agenda’ actors miscast as certain superheros.

  • Keltari

    I dont think people care about the characters being black, but they have an issue with the characters they grew up with and loved being changed. I havent seen the latino spider-man, but to me, Spider Man will aways be Peter Parker.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elliotdash Elliot Dash

      Sorry but black people do care about characters being black. As it is . . Superhero teams in comics will support a character with green skin before one with brown.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Hamari/100000076759308 Melissa Hamari

        Why, though? White people don’t care if our heroes are white, black, brow, purple, or green? Why is it so important to you? One of my favorite heroes is green half the time. I don’t see the importance. One of my favorite DC characters is green ALL the time, Beast Boy. Why is no one complaining about green characters? It seems so superficial to worry about the color of the heros’ skin, rather than the underlying issues.

        • guy

          They do complain about the green characters, aliens, and the other
          characters. People want diversity in their characters, this is more evident by
          the creation and success of our beloved Spider-man series.

          Spider-man, who was created to go against the arche-type of the 1960s, where
          young characters were side-kicks. Spider-man was a teenager all by himself, no
          father no mother, and his uncle died due to his immature or absent use of his
          powers. Before then a publisher could say young boys and girls only appreciate
          older male characters, we do not need teen characters who is a main character.
          But Stan Lee chose to do something new and daring, and look what it became, a

        • BadDad

          You say you don’t care but that’s because your own heroes are already everywhere. It’s the default.

          So of course “White people don’t care if our heroes are white”. Make them all black & then you will. Lol.

          It’s just the same as women who bang on about needing to see female role models they can look up to, Melissa. I’ll bet you’re keen on that.

        • johaness vix

          I care, several people cares.

      • Platypus

        Nobody seems to have a problem with Nick Furry in Avengers. In fact most people, including me are happy that he’s Samual L. Jackson. Keltari is right that people just don’t like characters they already know and love being changed. Most of them are just already white because of the times the were made in. It’s not about race.

        • Randall Flagg

          I care…..Nick Fury is a white man.

      • johaness vix

        Of course green is stronger than Brown, they are 100% right.

    • disqus_KFU9AwoRpz

      I think that’s a great way of saying that characters are just characters. How diverse they are depends on the publishers and creators. How many Arab Characters are there in comics? Far less than any OTHER minority. Diversity isn’t just one or two minorities. It’s ALL
      minorities. Something that Articles likes this and “writers” often
      forget because they’re only aware/concerned about JUST a few minorities.

    • Rupert Bauer

      You have the major point that so many are missing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=615811387 Eric Saunders

    For years in this industry, whenever an African American character, hero or villain, is introduced USUALLY by my white artist names. They got SLAPPED with racist names that singled them out as Negros! Now… my book, “White-Hating Coon”, don’t have any of that bullshit. The hero’s name is Maliqua and he’s descended from the black tribe that established the first society on the planet while all you European motherfuckers were all hiding out in caves ‘n shit, terrified of the sun. He’s a strong role-model that a young black reader can look up to. ‘Cause I’m here to tell ya: the chickens are coming home to roost, y’all. The black man is no longer going to be playing the minstrel in the medium of comics and sci-fi fantasy. We’re keeping it real! And we’re going to get respect by any means necessary.

    • Darelle Harvey

      Ah Chasing Amy, such a great film. You, sir, are a wit, I wonder if anybody else will even get that joke.

      • Random Bystander

        I do. I was gonna say that he is the embodiment of a caracaturised angry black man, but you beat me with that wonderful reference. Kudos.
        And Mr Saunders, lighten the fuck up. White-Hating Coon, seriously? Are you being serious with that? You’re not trying to be ironic or anything, you’re actually serious? How is that earning respect? You are acting like a nigger, and I mean that in the same way that Chris Rock says there are “black people and there are niggers”. “Niggers” are detrimental to the black community because they are ridiculous and unable to raise the profile of anything positively. Now if this is just an act, I’m sorry if I offended you, but stop acting like a fuckwit. Pretending to be like that is like a circle; pointless.

  • onslaught94

    I’m all about equality, but I think the author is only interested in comics with minorities in them. How is that any better than somebody only interested in comics with white people in them? And why change well-known and well-loved characters in order to appease minority readers? I mean, a black Spider-Man? How is he any different than Peter Parker, with the exception of race? Parker had the same dynamics and depth that you claim that the black Spider-Man has. And a black Captain America as the first Captain America? No. Just no. That book was made to appease minority readers because Marvel knew that more readers means more money. And it totally screwed up Cap’s history because now he’s not the first Captain America anymore. His whole backstory is screwed up because there just HAD TO BE a black Cap before him. Do I not like minority characters? I do. I think Blade is bad-ass, and so is the Black Panther and Falcon. But the fact remains that white characters sell better than minority characters because white characters are what’s mostly flooded the industry over the years. It has nothing to do with people not being racially sensitive. Does that make it right? No. And what about the comic book movies? Changing white characters into minorities in order to appeal to a larger fanbase? That’s bullshit. There is nothing wrong with the white versions of the characters but Marvel changed them because they wanted more money. It’s all about the all-mighty buck. What was so wrong with Nick Fury, Kingpin, and now, Electro, that they had to be changed into black guys? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know that I’m probably gonna be called a racist, but I don’t care. I’m not being racist; this is just how it is. And I bet the author would be pissed as all hell if Black Panther or Blade were turned white.

    • Guest

      Great comment. I feel the same and I am multiracial. Unnecessary changes are superficial, just like the movie Thor having a black Heimdall, who was known as the whitest (as in fairest) god, from my understanding. It’s part of our fascination with political correctness

      • Momma

        Multiracial? Name anybody in America who didn’t come here on their own who isn’t? Mulitracial? Is that even an option?

        • Pat

          lol what. I was born here in America and am 100% white

      • http://www.facebook.com/elliotdash Elliot Dash

        Oh please . . Whites in this country for decades have played different minorities in film from black to asian to native american with hardly a white person up in arms over the incredible debacle. Then they are extremely quick to complain when the ONLY black person in the entire film happens to be portraying a mythical god who was white. Boo Hoo. Its not ‘political’ . . its just correctness.

        • johaness vix

          Asiatic just cal Bruce Lee or Jet Li. comon.

    • Darelle Harvey

      Well, I sure hope there aren’t too many people like you in comic books, minorities would still be just that, “minor.”

      • Douchenozzle Hipsterfail

        There’s a reason they’re called “minorities.” There’s no way they’re going to sell a comparable quantity of product to a demographic that’s only 15% of the population.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marcell.hines1 Marcell Hines

      Actually the part about him being the 1st Cap was a typo. Steve Rogers was the 1st Captain America, Isiah Bradley was just a product of them trying to recreate the serum.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SheKeepsOnPassinMeBy Jon Fearless Stewart

      this guy got it wrong…Bradley was not the first captain america…..you make excellent points but you you should probably read the story line before you pass judgement on the limited information presented in this article…….whatever happened to researching and then forming an informed opinion rather excepting info of one biased source at face value……..and in case you are wondering…(and this doesnt necessarily qualified my point) I would be considered black by society

    • http://www.facebook.com/elliotdash Elliot Dash

      I stopped reading after ” I’m all about equality. BUT . . . . “

      • Wrongdak


      • johaness vix

        fuck that too.

    • johaness vix

      Marvel is just stupid they prefer to convert every single acknowledged character to black, gay or female instead of creating new ones.
      I wont buy this “captain america” the guy is ridiculous piece of crap.

  • Paul

    I don’t believe some of the iconic heroes and villains would even be white if it weren’t racism and anti-semitism back in the 40’s.

  • Lev186211

    ” In fact, I think companies sometimes hijack black and minority characters by putting them in horrible stories to prove that they’re failures. ” You’re the biggot, idiot.

  • SamboHex

    I’m not white and it bothers me when many times they change the characters. Major characters should be left they way they are and people know them to be. Create new characters with deep story lines, or take old characters that not known and remake them, give them new abilities and revived them that would be better and not lazy.

  • nevets

    Racism goes both ways.

  • CComry

    So pretty much what the author is saying is that the way to end the non existant racism in comics is to make all of the characters black. That’s such a typical idiotic liberal attitude (and also extremely racist).

    • Darelle Harvey

      Dude, all he’s saying is to support black characters in comics, I have no idea how you arrived at the conclusion.

      • CComry

        Who isn’t supporting them? Again, just more liberal whining about a non-issue.

        • Darelle Harvey

          Apparently, it’s an issue to SOMEBODY if people aren’t buying the comics that might have a minority character in it for whatever reason. You act as though somebody saying to support African characters is somehow wrong. Does it detract from other characters? I don’t believe so. You claim it’s a non-issue to you, ask a black comic reader if it’s a non-issue. I bet you might get a different answer. As for your comment of “liberal whining,” the idea of bringing political agendas into a wish to see more people that look like you into comics is a fallacy. Why bring politics into an issue like this? And if you can draw such a conclusion from such a simple cry of “where are the minorities in this landscape that is SUPPOSED to mirror our own,” that is to say, in a world that is supposed to show everyone, where are the African people. By extension, people should wonder where are the Asian people, the Latino people, the Native Americans, the Homosexuals, and everything in between. If you can maintain that minority depiction in comics is not an issue and that the “status-quo” should be maintained, that is inherently racist and I’m sorry for you. Basically, it comes down to this, you’re African-American, Asian-American, or Latino-American, you have a handful of comic book characters to identify with, perhaps the characters are depicted overtly positive or negative. Then, you get people who deal with minorities and have little to no exposure to them. In comes comic books to fill in the blanks, suddenly, your Asian neighbor is now seen with a lens of Amadeus Cho, or maybe every Mexican you see is Jamie Reyes, or every black person is now Blade. I know they aren’t, and hopefully you know they aren’t but most people I deal with need the stereotypes explained to them. Comic readers and makers (probably) know the world is not 70% white and male. It baffles me why they continue to write and draw like it is. And, if that’s liberal, then “conservative comics,” you know, the unchanging, inflexible, comics can make an imprint expressing that sentiment. I mean, they’d LOVE to alienate the readers, you know, the ones who give comic MONEY, cause in a business, like, say…the “comic book business,” the ultimate goal is to make money. Conservatives like money, right. Want minority money? Make better minority characters?

          -Promote love, ignore hate.

          • CComry

            Then go create a comic with Asian Homosexuals. I seriously don’t care. But I won’t stand for revisionism because some liberal cry baby wants us all to be forced into a brainwashed liberal mindset. Before long the liberals will make it illegal for any form of entertainment to have any trace of anything “white”.

            Also, you want “African” characters? Why not Iraqi characters, or Mongolian characters. Man, that’s racist.

  • grow up will you

    You didn’t buy the comics yet you point a finger at the industry? You are pathetic. You are also racist. Why is a company responsible for the comic books you read? They are not. You are quite capable of creating your own comic book and use the Internet as a distribution medium. Or, better yet, spend your own money publishing a comic book that may or may not sell, then tell the rest of the world how racist the comic book industry is. You childish fool. The only person that has failed you and the people you are trying to “help”, is you.

  • shaun

    ok, i can understand racebending but what about when an iconic character dies or retires and someone takes on the mantle? the fact that they left a legacy for someone else to carry it? like for instance when batman disappeared who took on the mantle? dick grayson aka the first robin. better than that what about the robins? we had them change multiple times and even batgirl.there has been multiple green lanterns, blue beetles, black panthers, and flashes. spiderman had a clone, someone in 2099, doctor octopus and now miles takes over. how is that any different from that? its a legacy, its different because he’s black? chill out, why complain about someone who’s had more than 700 issues getting switched to a new main character? they have more than 700 issues, multiple t.v. shows, videogames, and movies. what do you have to complain about?

  • Wrongdak

    You know what this sounds like? That whole “War on X-Mas” horseshit that Fox news keeps trying to push. I am getting a massive kick out of the majority of you guys making yourselves perfect examples out of Dwayne McDuffie’s argument. I don’t give a shit about the Latino Spiderman, just like I didn’t give a shit about the clone Spiderman. The personality of Peter Parker is what I enjoy about Spiderman. So someone
    else taking over the mantle means a different kind of personality. That
    doesn’t appeal to me (even that clone asshole felt different). Or those 4 assholes pretending to be the reincarnation of Superman after Superman “died”. Or Knightfall. But if the new person to take over the mantle is a minority? “They are just trying to appease minority readers.” And you guys may be right- and if the companies want to make more money
    by changing the status quo and/or doing something “shocking” then I
    couldn’t really give a shit then, either. I don’t work well with that whole “soap opera” approach to selling comics. Take away Wolvie’s adamantium and you can say good-bye to my interest in that character (and you totally knew that he would get it back anyway..) But McDuffie is absolutely right about the fact that a whole bunch of you guys are trying to over rationalize your argument while at the same trying insure that you are not coming off looking prejudiced “Look, I am not racist.” Or “This guys is a racist.” “Racism goes both ways.” You know what really racially charges your argument? THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE AN ARGUMENT. Who gives a shit? And as far as the black Capt. America- it was a great miniseries that turned the whole notion of the super soldier program on it’s head and showed that at the time the govt. would be more than willing to use black soldiers as guinea pigs (BTW, it takes place AFTER Steve Rogers is lost in the ocean, so I am sure some of you can breath a sigh of relief now..). But some of you just can’t get past the concept of a black Cap, can you? “I am all about equality”- as long as it doesn’t affect your comfort zone, sure. It is totally fine- but once it starts to interfere with your personal bubble and changes the iconography that you have nested in, that’s when there suddenly has to be an agenda.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

      I don’t agree with you on that point. I think it’s absolutely annoying when companies change their characters to gain sales. That’s why they do crazy things with characters (Magneto joining the X-Men, Spidey Ock, Clone Saga, X-23), because they’ll get lapsed readers interested in the newest thing happening. It cheapens the character for a quick sale.

      It genuinely is annoying when they change a character you’ve watched develop over the years to someone completely new. It’s always about the sale.

      BUT, there are example’s of when it’s done well. Miles Morales and Spidey Ock are tributes to that.

      The real problem with bringing diversity to comics is the lack of faith readers have in new books. Tehre are tons of indie writers out there bringing heroes to comics who are different races, but no one wants to read them. They want Superman, Batman, and Spidey, not a new masked detective from a brand with only 2% of the market share.

      For a multitude of reasons, people don’t like change, they want the characters they’re familiar with. Spider-Man is as much Peter Parker as he is the masked vigilante.

      I still enjoy the fuck out of Miles Morales, but not being able to understand fan outrage and decreeing everyone a closest racist is more myopic than someone saying “No, don’t like change, I want classic Pete”

      • Wrongdak

        I just love how so many are quick to assume that Miles and Isiah Bradley
        were meant to “appease” the minority readers. Or how Jamie Foxx being
        cast as Electro must have an “agenda” behind it. Or my favorite is how
        these characters are being “hijacked” simply to “apply racial or gender
        proliferation”. And all of these wonderful comments all come with the
        same kind of almost boilerplate lifejacket:”I am all for equality” or “I’m not against the movement”.

        actually don’t think any of these people are racist- in fact I don’t
        think most people are racist. Real racists are scary gnarly creatures.
        However I do think there is a racial prejudice that many people have
        within them. And you see it when they feel something that they have
        become accustomed to becomes uprooted with the presence of a racial
        minority. But everyone knows that is socially unacceptable to feel this
        way, so they make sure to state “I am in favor of the idea of changing
        the status quo (as long as it is not anything I personally like).”

        changed Batman to another white dude- where was the outrage? They
        brought back the superman(s) and sure one guy was black (that guy with
        no powers who also didn’t even call himself superman) but I didn’t hear
        any outrage. But Miles Morales? “What is the purpose of him being
        black?” And here is my point: what is the purpose of pointing that out?
        Why is this the focus?

        And when you listen to Dwayne’s little
        interview clip (which just randomly cuts the fuck out) he talks about
        these things too! He got all this shit about people suggesting that he
        has an “agenda”. And lo and motherfucking behold you got dudes making
        these comments DIRECTLY below!! So I’m not out to throw around the term
        racist- I think it is a term that wielded somewhat irresponsibly. And
        you are right, they do just want things to stay classic- but some of
        there people’s outrage has very been very disproportionately placed on the fact that Miles is not white.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

          I can agree with you as well, some of it is disproportionate because of Miles ethnic background. Being able to identify with one aspect of Miles’s ethnic background made me really excited to see a PR Spider-Man swinging around, which shows how their marketing has worked.

          But, I think there are 2 very interesting points about this conversation (as a whole as well, not just the one we two are sharing)

          1) Miles Morales actually was created to have a diverse alternative to Peter Parker. Donald Glover criticized Marvel for its lack of diversity, and Brian Michael Bendis has cited that as the inspiration for making the new Spidey black


          2) The argument of “Well, they changed batman and no one cared” isn’t really that valid. If you’ll remember, Rhodes recently became Iron Man, and no one was upset, because it made sense in the story structure.

          Creating a completely new hero, to replace the mantle of an existing one, from a new character who has no relation to the universe…. that’s why fanboys rage. Hell, look at Heroes Reborn, when they replaced all the heroes with lookalikes from a different universe.

          So, when these characters are naturally replaced by a process organic to the mythos, I think fanboys accept it. (Nightwing becoming Batman is an example).

          But I think the concept that characters should be diversified to appease people is nonsense. I do enjoy it when it’s done well, but it’s more often than not SIMPLY about sales.

          If you want to read diverse characters, support books with diversity. That’s why I go indie.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phillip.lamb.79 Phillip Lamb

      Would this happen to be the same clone that Jackal created and actually won the fight and took over Peter’s life? According to Marvel’s story arc we were never following Parker, but the clone, and this went on for 20 years. So in essence you enjoyed the clone’s personality and not the original Parker’s.

      I haven’t bothered to read any of the second run Ultimate line comics, so can’t comment on the new Spider-Man, but I don’t necessarily think it is a bad thing. New people pick up the mantles of fallen heroes all the time.

      I’m not going to tell you that I can’t be racisist, because unfortunatley we all have aour prejudices, it just might not be race that is yours. Though for someone that doesn’t give a shit, you sure had a lot to say.

      I think I’ll look up the mini series and check it out. Though, and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the black version use the name U.S. Agent, or am I confusing the characters. Regardless, it is a typo, and Steve Rogers is the original Captain America, but would it have bothered me if Marvel decided to make a black man the first Captain America? No, because it is their universe, not ours, and the can do whatever the hell they want to with it, and people are still going to buy the comics.

      • Wrongdak

        The clone saga, or whatever you call it was again what I call the “soap opera” approach to selling comics- creating a drastic story twist to suddenly spark further interest in the character’s never ending story arch. So, yes you are right, I guess after Marvel decided to make the lazy ass decision to “shock” us all with the fact that the Spiderman we all enjoyed for the past 20 years or so was (gasp!) a clone, it was actually the clone whose personality I enjoyed. And also was the guy who married MJ. And was in the Secret Wars and therefore created Venom. And took on the Captain Universe powers. And joined the Avengers. And did a shit ton of other things until Marvel’s writers decided that their readers had a low enough attention span that we would need the series to be “spiced up”. So no, I don’t give a shit that miles is Puerto Rican. To me the comics I enjoyed are generally simple episodic short stories (the same reason I love graphic novels). I am not a fan of the incredibly extensive story arcs that the standard in these comics- man I used to love X-Men and now I pick up the comic and see each page is 3 drawn panels of dialogue. It’s like a consistent “meanwhile”. No, I don’t enjoy it, so I don’t buy it. Simple as that. But the point of this damn thread is place of race in comics. I give a shit that it is, for some reason, a topic of discussion that he is NOT white- like it is some kind anti white agenda. I have no issue with the argument that changing Spiderman in ANY way is an attempt to just sell comics, because that is what it is. But to suggest that there is some kind of racial agenda, that is where I see the racial prejudices coming out, and that is the point of the Dwayne McDuffie clip.

  • Ryders

    It was great to see a game that had a black man on the icon. Never saw that before. Referring to http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/last-gun/e87a6135-9f34-49c7-88f6-1459bd607ded not sure if on Apple.

  • Jey Wright

    A long time coming… As far as changing the ethnicity of a main comic book character from white to black is nothing. It’s only something to the fascist & racists of the comic-book world if it ruffles their feathers.
    If Stan Lee imagined Peter Parker to be a superhero in a fantasy world, it should make sense in a world of reality that any actor of substance should be able to bring these fictional characters to life regardless of pulling the so-called race card.

    Comics have come a long way in the 21st century. With that said, any a people of color should be allowed to filled the boots or don the mask of any superhero (since they don’t actually exist) in DC, Marvel, Dark Horse or any comic franchise on the planet. The Creators of said comics are caught up in the color bracket and cannot separate themselves from it. If this was not the case, we would not be weighing in on this topic. With some of the villians & heroes deopicted in most comics, it’s obvious that the creator chose a color of all the lead characters of their stories one way or another. In each universe they have majorities and minorities. Albeit, it’s a very long time coming that Spider-man finally has some African blood in his genetic make-up. I was ecstatic to learn by way of CNN that he was actually portrayed as being brown/black young man. It would have to have happened in an alternate universe. I cannot see Stan Lee signing off on a Black Spidey full-time emblazoned with the Marvel Badge on the upper left corner of its monthly/quarterly comic books.

    Critics and readers alike will swear it’s unfair for any other individual to possess extraordinary powers portrayed & inked by white men & women is absolutely wrong by design. It’s only right by design because if they, the creators feel that all their leading and strongest characters are from Anglo-Saxon descent, regardless if they hailed from Krypton or Orion’s Belt. The Comic industry needs to check this and keep things in the age of enlightenment where the world is NOT dominated by white faces on every major comic-book release. I truly blame Marvel & DC’s practices on creativity. How can the majority of Spider-man comics outsell Hulk, X-Men and other well established heroes? Is there truly a shortage of writers in the Marvel & DC universes? I hardly doubt it. There are far too many geeks walking this planet that can write a story or episode that will sell.

    When I heard first heard many years ago that DC wanted to make a Black Robin for the movies and/or comic franchises got scrapped before it actually came into fruition, not only was I very surprised to hear this, deep down I knew it would fly because of DC’s history of trying to stick to it comic book roots and plot. Maybe in the future, we’ll see a Black Superman…I doubt it though because Superman stands for freedom and justice in the American way. Either way…change is always good.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

      While I think that Marvel and DC should create a diverse cast of heroes, I don’t think changing the ethnicity of existing characters (especially the A-List heroes) is necessarily the way to go.

      The problem is this… only the big books sell. That’s a fundamental problem in comics right now. I can easily venture into the indies and find a comic book protagonist who’s Black, Indian, Puerto Rican, whatever…

      But people disregard those books, and obsess about diversifying SUPERMAN, BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, SPIDER-MAN

      That’s nonsense. It worked really well for two of those characters (Stewart in GL and Morales in Spidey), but making a change like that to gain new readership is always a poor move. Story should dictate the heroes, not marketing. Although, ironically, the only reason the vast majority of modern superheroes are White/Anglo, is because no one wanted to read about characters with the ethnic heritage of their creators. The creator of modern heroes were all Jewish (at a time when anti-semitism was considerable oppressive in the US)

      Now, when they replaced Tony Stark with Rhodey briefly, THAT was a good way to usurp an existing A-list character with a more diverse cast member. Rhodes has been involved for over 30 years, and he was a natural candidate to take over the armor. The only reason he didn’t stick around, I imagine, is because of the popularity of Tony Stark in the MCU.

      Now, there are times where the it would be incredibly easy to introduce diverse characters, but Marvel doesnt’. This is what I find annoying, because the lack of strong, diverse characters takes away from the realism in the Marvel universe.

      The new Nova? Starlord in the new Guardians of the Galaxy? The rebirth of Asgard under JMS (this is a bit more tricky, if they’re trying to adhere to myth)? For fuck’s sake, they just rebooted the entire DC universe, and the only generous gesture they made towards disenfranchised folks was a gay Alan Scott.


      The New 52 was the perfect opportunity to introduce a diverse cast of characters without committing sacrilege. Black/Hispanic/Asian Superman? Doesn’t break canon (since it was already re-written post Flashpoint). I’ll never know why they never took the chance with this.

      Also… Gay Batman. That would have been a great game changer.

      I know that was a bit of a rant, but I think when people hear the call to diversify these classic characters, they’re upset with how callously the publisher’s treat canon.

      Now, if we want to actually see more diverse characters in main stream comics, we need to support these indie books, support Miles, and support any good story with diverse characters.

  • sdf

    you cant just remake super heroes black some heroes been around 60 years …. you cant just be like hey were gunna make spidey a little darky who steals chicken with his webs… doesnt work that way . and if you want eqaulity go make your own black super heroes and build them up for 60 years you cant just get what you want when you want it.. this isnt unemployment or welfare checks

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

      I’m a writer here on the site, and I don’t believe in censoring anyone, so I never will.

      But this comment is insanely offensive. Fan comments like this is what turns away new and current readers.

      • Wrongdak

        he is just trolling for shock value. Hopefully your readers can have the insight to spot people who enjoy unnecessary conflict at the expense of offending people and then ignore them. Though I will never understand the psychosis, I do recognize the odor of people like them.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

          Ahhh, yeah, hard to tell sometimes when this type of topic is discussed in fandom. Some folks actually have that opinoin

  • jag

    In one of the letters pages in a Fantastic Four comic in the early sixties a fan suggested Diana Ross as a female to star as Sue Storm if there was ever a movie version of the comic made. I’ll always remember Stan Lee’s response
    which was something to the effect of “that sounds like a great idea”.

    People have lots of feelings about Stan’s tenure with Marvel and his stewardship of the characters he helped create; but I always remember that he was positive and respectful to us young fans back in the day—and we were mostly little kids then, like I’m sure the person who wrote that letter probably was back in 63 or 64.

  • darknight

    i agree with you Keltari like think about it they kill off the whole xmen and make them balck its not like white people are gonna see it and say oh the xmen are black well i hate black people so im not gonna buy it they just want the original thing like when they said peter parkesr parents were robots that were trying to kill him it didnt make sense why they would just change the story like that just stick with the original story

  • Klay from NYC

    I completely agree. Watch Channel 7 from 4:30am thru GoodMorning America. It’ll say a lot about viewership and for those idiots who argue that he’s a right-winged nut, you yourself are not black and have no clue the adversaries that are put in place to dumb down and criminalize the “black man”

  • http://www.facebook.com/SheKeepsOnPassinMeBy Jon Fearless Stewart

    Bradley was NOT the first Captain America……Read the 6-issue story arc before you make assumptions

  • http://twitter.com/OIFEagle OIF Eagle

    You can’t end racism by hating white people.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elliotdash Elliot Dash

      So stop hating black people.

      • http://www.xenoncomic.com Devin Smith

        Elliot, I’m black. I’ve viewed your responses thus far, and I don’t really feel like you’re helping the cause. That response was rude and unnecessary. You just sound angry, which doesn’t encourage anyone to see your point of view.

  • malarts

    I think the best comics have always been a “tweak” of reality. An
    exploration of new ideas and concepts using an established framework
    that readers will recognize, then adding the “super” element to pump the
    whole thing up. With this in mind, the focus should be on new ideas,
    and new characters that show other races in dynamic and fun ways, rather
    than a simple “swap out” of an established character from white to

    I love Samuel Jackson, but something about
    his Nick Fury always felt off to me. And I imagine it’s because the
    original character was written in a certain way that filled out his
    character profile and scanned as “real” to the reader. To be fair, I
    gave up on the Men in Tights world of comics as a pre teen, in favor of
    stuff like the Watchmen ( a dark parody of superheroes +) Love and
    Rockets ( for diversity and realness, start here ), so I may not be
    qualified to comment .

    My point being: creators, get
    creative. Major publishers and movie houses: you are the ones that
    should stop being racist, make room for new ideas and watch the money
    roll in, I promise. Readers: explore more and don’t let the big
    companies insult your intelligence with quick fixes and financially focused re-boots….

  • http://twitter.com/JustinWoolfrom Almost Famous

    This is stupid. That spider-man comic is a disgrace. What does it matter anyway what race they are? I don’t like the fact that they’re changin my childhood tbh

  • Sean

    I love Luke Cage, especially during the run where he was running an Avengers team during the Civil war/Skrull Invasion and Dark Reign. Black Panther, awesome character. Miles Morales: NO. They literally did the worst possible job they could have done on this. This was pure race-baiting, and seriously, could you not have been satisfied with the successful change of Nick Fury?

    Add on to that the fact that the Ultimate Marvel books have been badly written to start with, with gruesome deaths in lieu of character development, and you begin to realize why people were against the change of Spider-Man. Spider-Man IS Peter Parker, the two are inextricably linked.

    And to talk about Heimdall, while I love the actor who played him in Thor, I have a question: Why did there HAVE to be a black Asgardian, just one? I mean, literally, ONE. Think about that in context for a moment: How is it possible there are no other black Asgardians? It’s like they had an EEO clause in Asgard. Why couldn’t there have been a significant character on Earth who was black… Oh wait, NICK FURY already was!

    Here’s a thought: Why not create NEW black superheroes, as opposed to the current tokenism? I know, crazy right?

    • kindwordsonly

      How many black people were there in pre-medieval Scandinavia again?

    • Wrongdak

      While you apparently were so focused on there being a black Asgardian you seemed to have missed the fact that Hogun the Grim was played by a Japanese guy. Bravo. Also love the “could YOU not have been satisfied with the successful change of Nick Fury?” bit. Well done there. “I mean, jesus- white people changed one of their main characters to a black guy for you! What more do YOU need from us?? Now YOU want to take Spider-Man, too? What’s next- BLOOD??” Question: Who are you talking to? Black people? You are exactly what Dwayne McDuffie was talking about in his clip.

  • http://twitter.com/R__O__D Roderick Bateman

    In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Wrongdak

      you’re boring, troll.

      • http://twitter.com/R__O__D Roderick Bateman

        You’re anti-white. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

        • Wrongdak

          Good one there, sparky. You practice this little charade of yours in front of a mirror? Stop trying to incite bullshit controversy.

  • http://twitter.com/R__O__D Roderick Bateman

    In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elliotdash Elliot Dash

      Wow . . As a minority all of my life I shed not a single tear of sympathy for you who have hardly been a minority over a single day.

      • http://twitter.com/R__O__D Roderick Bateman

        Could you explain how you are a minority? white people are less than 10% of the global population and conditions are being imposed on ALL and ONLY white countries to reduce us to 0% in OUR OWN COUNTRIES. Asia for the asians, africa for the africans, white countries for everybody? They have a word for that. It’s called genocide. Do you support white genocide? “Anti-racdeword for anti-white.

  • Mr Denis Kershner

    I think racism,its goot thing in comics

  • Caleb43

    another way to fight racism is to not throw another race under the bus while trying to help another one. not saying the author of the article did that. I’m just saying racism exists on many sides.

  • http://www.facebook.com/VCBVonne Von Vonne

    I loved Static Shock! I don’t need replacement characters…I want originals! :)

  • DeathMe

    Good god, no one cares – stop pushing your reverse racism.

  • Christian Horton

    This article finally pointed out the problem with the entertainment media, the decline or absent of ethnicity in American comic books
    is completely ridiculous. And Hollywood’s approach by replacing already
    existing characters, with ethnic stand-in’s is just downright embarrassing. And
    disrespectful because the immediate problem is not being solved. Instead they
    create terrible stories or ideas, to further downgrade ethnic characters. Such
    as the Black Panther and Storm divorcing after the Avengers versus X-Men. Or
    the complete travesty when DC try to reboot Static Shock. The best story idea
    is Ultimate Spider-man with Miles Morales. He’s a well written character, and
    not a replacement for Peter Parker. Miles decided to honor the original Spider-man mantle buy continuing his legacy. He is a different person, with his own life
    and problems. Completely dissimilar from Nick Fury, Kingpin, and Heimdall who look more menacing as a black man.

    Although the outcry of ethnic diversity has increased over
    the years, ethnic viewers are sick and tired of seeing white characters saving
    the world alone. On a planet that has countless racial diversity. That
    miraculously doesn’t exist when a crisis happens. It is racial imagery control showing only white protagonist/antagonist in entertainment. Adding more ethnicity instead of white characters isn’t racism. If racism is the initial problem, you’re just hiding beneath a word that is concealing the real situation.That blacks and other ethnicity up poorly represented in American entertainment, and it needs to change. It is no different than white washing every Asian movie
    adaptation, that is came out in Hollywood. Examples being Speed racer, Dragon
    Ball evolution, The last air Bender, Streetfighter, and the upcoming Akira. And
    the simple fact that fan’s want to keep their white character on top, and not
    make room for ethnicity interaction is selfish.

  • soaponapope

    I just stumbled upon this article but I have to say I was extremely pleased to see a tribute to Dwayne McDuffie. The man was in my opinion just as pivotal to the late Timmverse as Bruce Timm. I always felt that while Bruce Timm came up with the big, overall idea, McDuffie was the one that made it work, who implemented and made it work scene-by-scene with realistic, organic dialogue. The Timmverse was already good, but McDuffie took it to a whole other level when he came on.

  • soaponapope

    McDuffie also was responsible for the surge in popularity of Jon Stewart. I dare say that he is even responsible for bringing back the sagging popularity of Green Lantern as a whole. Obviously on the comics side Geoff Johns was also a significant part of the revival of the popularity of the Green Lanterns, but I would argue that McDuffie picking Jon Stewart as the GL in the Justice League series (the start of a trend of introducing more diversity to the characters in the show as a whole) was also a part of this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Hamari/100000076759308 Melissa Hamari

    So make all the characters African American? Yeah, that sounds good. /sarcasm. There are black heroes, we don’t need to go making them ALL. Then that’d be another form of racism.

  • http://twitter.com/Edlerkakao Len

    Ehm… well… so the only people on earth are either white American or African American? And to end racism we just need to replace all the white folks with them? If that goes on they will still be screaming racis,m because they are only black and none else.

    Pick more different people, from ALL over the world, because those do exist to in US and just black or white…

    But I had hopped that “The Amazing Spiderman” would have had cast maybeeeeeee Donald Glover instead of Garfield. You know, the chances would be good that he would have been black with all the background and everything.

  • Major Anatomy

    The people who complain or praise comic books the loudest are the people who can’t write or draw worth a tinker’s damn. You want the comic book of your dreams? Hire your own artist! There are more of them around than you think, and many are still starving. Check out Deviantart someday, hire someone on commission. Instead of throwing hundreds of dollars at DC & Marvel, and then clogging up the Internet with your fanboy rants, put your money where it counts and hire an artist to get the job done they way you want it done.
    My God, you are all sheep. The major movie studios are making billions off of you, and all you can do is throw money at them and kvetch.

  • acualad

    with all this talk about black heroes how bout Filipino/Asian heroes because last I checked there are far less of them then black. im asian and I honestly do not care in the slightest. keep the political correctness bs out of it

  • http://twitter.com/Vertigo_Knight Shaun Rodriguez

    As we now live in a time where Peter Parker is officially no longer Spider-Man in both Marvel universe’s (616) and the Ultimate Universe (1610), I’m somewhat disappointed and saddened by the fact there’s such a huge hatred for a fictional character that happens to be of a different color and race. People got upset that ((Spoiler Alert)) Doc Ock is now Spider-Man, but that anger was nothing in comparison when Miles Morales became the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe. I’ve seen racist twitter quotes saying “I rather burn to death and have a building on fire collapse on me instead of having a black Spider-Man save me”. Or “There’s only one type of Spider-Man I know, and he’s white”. To even being mentioned on Fox News with their insane propaganda. It’s 2013, and things haven’t really changed. People just hide their prejudice in a better way. But give them a soap box or an alias that can hide their identity, and you truly see what’s in the hearts of man.

    • http://www.facebook.com/VGLosers Doug Turner

      No, Peter Parker is still Spider-Man, he’s just not the same Peter he was before.

  • Tim Fontaine

    This is JUNK. I don’t think people “dislike” characters based on their skin color. If that was the case, Martian Manhunter and mutants (in all their varied appearances) would be shunned. Hell, I’m white and I absolutely love Power Man & got positively pissed when the best Dan Slott could come up with was to kill off Bill Foster (Black Goliath) after having him finally come back.

    Even a character like Miles (if introduced as a separate character, I think) would’ve been widely embraced as a different hero. INSTEAD, it seemed that Political Correctness demanded that Peter Parker had to be KILLED, so that Miles could live. This was and still IS crap.

    I apologize if nearly 40 YEARS of continuity (in comics, cartoons, TV & Pop Culture) of Spider-Man being a nerdy white guy named Peter Parker, makes people reject a half-black/half-mexican kid trying to pass himself off as the same. Hell, the very name of the character, “Miles Morales” is an obvious play on “Peter Parker”, trying to make the medicine they’re forcing you to choke down more palatable somehow.

    This character feels lees like a hero and more of a racial consolation prize. It’s as if Marvel/Bendis said, “sorry we can’t create something new and cool, that’s racially “diverse”, so, we’ll hijack something popular, wrap it in different paper but call it the same thing so you can all feel like you’ve got something to be proud of….introducing your new “Spider-Man”.

    You would NEVER see Blade “re-introduced” as a European/Mexican/Asian. Sure, it could be part Political Correctness but for ME, it would be more a matter of in my mind, the Blade character is a black guy and not feel “consistent” as another race.

    Heroes are heroes. It doesn’t matter what color they are. There are TONS of black characters that could be brought to the forefront and used properly. Static, RAGE, Black Panter, Luke Cage, John Stewart, Mr. Terrific, Black Vulcan, Black Lightning, Black Goliath, Bishop, Blade, Cyborg, ICON, the 3-D Man, Vixen, Storm, BatWing, SPAWN, Captain Marvel, WAR MACHINE, the Falcon, STEEL…

    I REFUSE to believe that there’s nothing cool, unique or “popular” about these characters.
    Strong creators don’t hijack. They use what’s available and CREATE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.turner.7503 Jack Turner

    People are bandying around the term racist on both sides, whether you support the greater variety of ethnicities among established characters or you don’t. But both sides are as bad as each other. Why? Because everyone is STILL making a distinction between so-called ‘races’. I don’t agree with racism, and that’s on both sides of the fence. When I look at Peter Parker, I don’t see a white guy, and when I look at Miles Morales, I don’t see a black guy. I just see two guys that took on the mantle of the same vigilante, no different than when Nightwing, Azrael, Robin or Damian Wayne took on the mantle of Batman from Bruce. The simple fact that the OP is sat here pointing out the supposed lack of ethnic minorities when he apparently is against racism demonstrates he is no less bigoted than those who don’t want ethnic characters. There is no black. There is no white. People are people, and nothing more. You want racism to end? Then DON’T make that distinction!!

    • Mutant97

      That kumbaya, we are all equal crap doesn’t fly. Racism exists, denying it does not help anyone. someone wanting they more diverse characters is not the problem in a racist society. Race exists, and in a society built on racism it cannot be denied, race matters. All this crap about we are all equal is often used by white folks to deny a history of oppression and deny inequalities today.

  • ThomasK

    When I first saw the fact that Spiderman was now the secret identity of Miles Morales, I was worried it was another stupid modification of something I held dear.

    While I am just returning to reading Spiderman, and comics at all (My last religiously weekly purchase was 1994 just as the clone saga was unfolding), a brief return for Brand new Day, etc, mid 2000’s, the problem was availability.

    Today I have an ipad, and the marvel app makes it so much easier to grab the issues I want, when I want them.

    Now, my opinion, about Miles Morales as Spiderman. This opinion is before reading any of the books, but reading the issue summaries.

    In my opinion, while Im upset someone else is beneath the mask of Spiderman, the fact is Marvel KIND OF prepared us for a face change in the clone saga.

    While Im incensed with the fact that Spiderman is no longer Peter Parker, Im satisified that at least Marvel didnt tinker, and change Peter Parkers ethnic history. They simply killed off Peter Parker, and replaced him with a ‘mini reboot’ of the franchise with another face behind the mask. Ooops, lighting struck twice in this alternate ULTIMATE COMICS universe. I have ZERO issue with that. ‘natch ‘Peter Parker’ is still himself in the other series..

    Tho, I do have a major issue with Doc Oct being the new Spiderman, behind the mask, inside the mask of Peter Parker… UGH, I hope that doesnt last long, and Peters ‘spirit/conciousness’ returns…

  • http://www.facebook.com/VGLosers Doug Turner

    Miles Morales works as Ultimate Spider-Man because it’s a well-written, beautifully drawn comic book. He’s not “black Spider-Man.” He’s Ultimate Spider-Man. Static Shock failed because it sucked and it was “Hey guys! Black super-heroes!” Make the story good, black or white, and go from there.

  • Guest

    I love the ultimate universe, I was awesome to see miles take over when Peter died

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.moore.505523 Michael Moore

    I love the ultimate universe, it was awesome to see miles take over after Peter died

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zeke-Teke/100000857621055 Zeke Teke

    make Spiderman black, make Panther hispanic, make Blade white, make wolverine asian. Done.

  • disqus_KFU9AwoRpz

    How many Arab Characters are there in comics? Far less than any OTHER minority. Diversity isn’t just one or two minorities. It’s ALL minorities. Something that Articles likes this and “writers” often forget because they’re only aware/concerned about JUST a few minorities.

  • http://twitter.com/cryoduck Levent Taskan

    I’m sorry but even if you grow up with the character you love being white it’s not the end of the world if he is portrayed by somebody from a different race in a movie. Especially if the actor of choice is really good and even if he’s bad he can’t be any worse than Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan or, imho, Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.

  • Dpound55

    Funny….although the article talks about diversity in comics, it seems to me that its really talking about representation of blacks in comics, not the other races.

    How about an Asian character not named chin, shu, or yau that doesn’t come from Asia whose main power doesn’t have to do with the martial arts?

    How bout an asian hero thats from the states, has an American name, with a girlfriend or wife that is white? You’ll never see this, in comics, movies or tv for that matter…….

    • Mike Daze

      wait whats the point of making an asain character if you just want him to be american?

      • Len

        For real?
        And why make a black character if they end up making him/her to be american? Why not one who is from Africa, of the people of the Bantu who fights in NíGolo style and still believes in practice of his tradition, in America?

        Oh yeah right, there are black ppl who have absolutly nothing to do with africa because, surprise mother***, they are *drum-roll* AMERICAN!!! (just with different skin color) Same goes for asian ppl/characters.

        Dpound55 just said he wanted real difersity and not only white&black, since they too, are american, if they live there since dunno how much generation.

  • Not black or white…

    Comic readers don’t care about the color or race or whatever nor should they it’s the fact that you take an established character that people have come to love and completely change him… Peter Parker is a white nerdy kid going through his white nerdy kid problems, he’s not a Black, Asian or a Latino nerdy kid because he was created by a white guy who knew of white guy problems. Get real, grow up… I’m half of one type of ethnicity and half another, when I drew superheroes that I came up with as a teen they were drawn in the fashion of my ethnic background, not yours or the neighbors but mine because that is what I knew. The big names in superhero comics where invented by white Jewish males in a post world war 2 era, so they are white so fucking what. The comic book world have always attracted white male nerdy kids above any other ethnicity, so what… If your Black and you like to draw comics then make your hero Black, if your Asian make him Asian etc, etc, etc… I write songs, when I write songs I write and express about the things that I go through not what someone else goes through I can only express the problems I have socially, culturally, psychologically… Get my point? This politically correct bullshit is just that, bullshit and your all a bunch of dumb asses pitting yourselves against one another… The two black four year old’s living across from my apartment are ecstatic about Spiderman you know why? Cuz he’s fucking Spiderman man! He climbs walls and swings from a webb and has a spidey sense, the fact that Peter is a white guy with glasses is the last thing they think about, why? Cuz he’s fucking Spiderman none the less…

  • Mike Usher

    I have no problem with a super hero being any color, my problem is changing one to do that. Come on we can be creative and not have to change characters/heroes. I am deeply disturbed about the change of Spiderman. I collected comics from the mid 70’s when I was only 10 years old now I have this. I will not spend a cent on this new version of my favorite hero.

  • Animefan

    The problem isn’t enough black heroes, faces, or things like that. Its about contrast and stature. When Mr. Terrific and John Stewart are the standards for top notched Black Superheroes in the DC Universe and you know they can’t hold a single title by themselves you got a problem. An Black Panther has been around since the 1960’s plus Marvel ain’t exactly know for its Mass Strength Hero Culture(Which is why its better than DC)

    At the end you likely aren’t gonna see changes because you are dealing with an industry that pulles its best Characters from the 1940 – 1960. An when you can’t create New Heroes to challenge the “Old Modern” Heroes ripped from the “Golden & Silver Ages” you ain’t gonna see better.

    My advice…just read Shonen Jump.

  • Terms Put Forward

    This is a series of images I did in which I color the mutants in X-Men so that they are people of color.


  • Randall Flagg

    I DO care. I’m tired of historically white Marvel characters being changed to black. I will be boycotting Spiderman 2 (2014) because they have changed another white character (Electro) to black.

  • Rupert Bauer

    It’s amazing how so many people arguing an anti point, use that point as their argument. – Making a judgement that White men don’t go near Black Drama, but will flock to Black action. Actually (and I guess I could be accused of sexual stereotype, but the stats support it) men aren’t drawn to drama, they are drawn to action, period. When my friends and I see something we like we don’t think (or didn’t until this was shoved in our faces every day) what race, sex, religion the character is. We think, that looks good, go see it. I didn’t go see Blade based on any race reference. I saw Blade because it looks like a good movie, I like the character and at the time I liked Wesley Snipes as an actor….

  • johaness vix

    Marvel is just stupid they prefer to convert every single acknowledged character to black, gay or female instead of creating new ones.
    I wont buy this “captain america” the guy is ridiculous piece of crap!

  • ZEE

    This is a pointless article. Go write some new comics yourself instead of trying to “modernize” the comic books we have been reading for years. Everyone’s sick of the changes. All you’re trying to do is guilt trip the successful comic book authors and artists into changing their ideals, it’s ridiculous.