THE WALKING DEAD: The Death of Daryl Dixon

**Spoilers for both the comic series and television series***

The Walking Dead television series has taken everyone by storm since its debut in October 2010, and one reason for its success (even garnering more viewers then Breaking Bad) is due to everyone’s favorite crossbow shooting redneck Daryl Dixon, played by Boondock Saints‘ Norman Reedus.


In the 3rd season of The Walking Dead, a leaked image of Reedus hanging by his neck with guys hanging out prompted people into believing he would become the Governor’s latest victim. People were so outraged by the thought of their favorite character dying, the saying “If Daryl dies, We Riot!” began to flood the internet and social media. However, when it was revealed that the pic was actually from an older movie Reedus starred in, audiences relaxed…until Season 4 when Daryl was willing to sacrifice himself to save Rick, Carl, and Michonne, only for Rick to go bat-shit crazy and bite the neck out of the post-Governor antagonist Joe, leader of the Marauders. Audiences could rest easy again, that Daryl survived another season. But for how much longer will the character be safe?

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic and writer/producer of the TV series, has said everyone in both the books and the show are not safe, including series protagonist Rick Grimes, who almost met his end at the conclusion of volume 1 of the comic Days Gone Bye.

Many people expect Rick to die before Daryl, however, there is still more story for Rick to come, especially since he’s still growing in the comics and show. Daryl, on the other hand, has grown into the character he needs to be, especially after stabbing his brother’s walking corpse in Season 3, revealing his problems with alcohol to Beth and beating his demons. He was even willing to sacrifice himself for his friends at the end of season 4. Daryl’s character has been fulfilled, however due to his popularity, Daryl cannot just bite the dust under just anyone’s hands. His death would need to mean something. He would need to become a martyr.


The Walking Dead TV series is notorious for switching character deaths with those who met their end in the comic series. One example is Tyrese and Hershel. In the comics, The Governor captures Tyrese instead of the religious old man and beheads him.

In recent pages of The Walking Dead comic series, Rick starts a war with a group of survivors who bully people into letting them protect their communities in exchange for half their supplies. They are called The Saviors, and they follow a myth named Negan, until it is revealed Negan is more than just a story. He is a living, breathing brute of a man with a weapon every it as lethal as he is; a baseball bat wrapped in barbed-wire Negan named Lucille. In volume 17 of the comic series, Rick and friends are ambushed by The Saviors after Rick killed most of their men. At gunpoint Rick, Maggie, Michonne, Heath, Glenn, Sophia and Carl are forced on their knees when Negan walks up to them. He pulls out his bat and picks a hero at random to kill to send a message of “Don’t fuck with me.” After singing “Innie-Minnie-Mynnie-Mo” to choose his victim, Negan lands at Glenn. As Glenn and the others plea for mercy, Negan shrugs it off and begins smashing in Glenn’s face, until nothing is left, but mush and an eye ball. Glenn’s death ignites an ALL OUT WAR which later leads into A NEW BEGINNING for the comic series.


In the television series, an appearance by Negan is inevitable, but once he does show up, Daryl’s death will be more meaningful then Glenn’s, solely because of how popular he is. If Negan chooses Daryl to kill this time, not only will Daryl’s death be a Martyr for Rick and his group, but also the viewers who would be standing alongside Rick, wanting Negan to pay for his crimes. And once the Negan arc comes to fruition, Daryl’s death will go on to mean for the A NEW BEGINNING arc.

And their you have it: Negan will be the one who kills Daryl Dixon!

  • Robert

    All I would have to say is that Robert Kirkman aka the Happy Henchmen seems to thrive on main character deaths a little to much and for me as far as I am concerned it’s becoming quite boring as shit, every season has a main character death, at what point dose it become to redundant for others and they just stop watching which would mean the ratings would go under and the show could face cancellation. About Rick, the question is why dose he need to die, if that’s Kirkman’s plans for the future, why can’t he just survive all the way to the end of the show and not die, Kirkmen is to hell bent with killing and a day will come when he kills the wrong character that will cause serious problems for the show’s survival and I sure hope Kirkman has a contingency plan that would bring back the character if the death fails epically. I say Rick should survive and never die, or at least not on the show they could just put in texted what happens to the group as time goes on.

    • Des


      I really hated that they opted to kill off Andrea, Milton and Hershel. I hated they killed off Shane. I saw plenty of good solid story trails they could’ve taken with the same arc and had redemption or close calls while not killing off the main ones. Even Merle. We LOVED Merle.

      Taking out people like Jacque, Jim, Amy or the Greene clan, or random Woodburians is fine because we don’t care about them. We’ve gone 4 seasons with three dead weight characters who contribute zero to the show, to the popularity of the show, or to each other’s character arc: Judith, Beth, Sasha…and frankly, Bob. These are supporting characters, but with Beth and Judith, they are literally dead weight. Beth is a glorified babysitter who breaks into song now and again just because Emily Kinney has a real career as a singer. It’s basically TWD letting Kinney peddle her singing career on the back of a tv show she contributes nothing to.

      TWD has proven in every season it is not above taking out kids. Bunny slipper girl got it before season 1 episode 1 even got started. Sofia gets shot in the head. Duane dies off camera. Carl is shot by Otis. Randall’s older but still a kid according to the show and they killed him after ripping a metal spike through his leg. Mika and Lizzie are killed off as well as the little guy who started the outbreak at the prison for season 4. When they fled and we see the empty, bloody carrier that once had Judith, they could’ve ended it there and we’d accept it’s an off screen death and after the hiatus, by the time the next season rolls around, we’d all be over it if it even bothered us at all. We all get the symbolism of it, but none of the fans really want to be dealing with a baby, it’s a drain on the potential, same as it’d be in real life.

      Now that we know they’ve spared Judith, who is never on screen anyway except briefly and pointlessly, they wil inevitably spare Beth the babysitter…and change it up where they probably take Carol out for no good reason when she was gone most of last season anyway being booted out of the group. They left us wondering what happened with Beth, so instead of killing Carol, they could’ve just written her out with the group exit and left it there.

      They’re killing quality characters that are the reasons we watch this show. I guarantee you the only ones watching TWD to hear Beth sing are Emily Kinney’s friends and family…nobody else cares. Nobody cares about Judith, nobody’s tuning in to see what Judith does next or when she’ll start walking. Nobody tuned in to see Amy anging out sniping at Andrea about fish. Nobody tuned in to see Patricia and Jimmy.

      We tuned in to see Rick, Carl, Lori, Shane, Andrea, Dale, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, Carol, Daryl, Merle, the Governor, Martinez, and on from there…yet they’ve killed off Shane, Andrea, Lori (though that’s okay, they still did Lori injustice because they wrote her as a crappy character), Dale, Hershel, Merle, Governor, Martinez…all the ones we actually tune in to watch, they build them up and then kill them off and leave us with Beth and Judith again and again and again.

      Here’s what we can probably expect for season 5 – Carol and Tyreese show up with Judith, break out the rest of the group, Carol is killed off, Beth takes over babysitting duties, they all flee until safely out of town, make camp for the night and Beth decides now’s the time for a nice ballad…and Daryl cries and snuggles up with Beth, for comfort and all…and the entire fan base of TWD just cringes and face palms.

      It’s definitely been looking for awhile now that RK waits to see who the fans love best and then kills them off, but what they need to consider carefully is that eventually they’ll kill off all the ones the fans love and are tuning in to watch and the only ones left will be characters we couldn’t care less about, which will be when people stop caring about TWD…wrecked by an overzealous pointless killing spree on the ones we love simply because they’ve blurred the lines on “emotional impact”…

      • Steve Purcell

        The characters that have been killed off to date – I was happy to see go. Although adding a baby to a tv show always makes me change the channel

      • Steve Blackburn

        major characters dying is what keeps the show going….introduces new characters and keeps the story going where it should go.

  • guest

    stupidest article ever

    • jksi

      at the end of the trailer the police girl smacks beth and after could she shoot beth?

  • Ethan Gallant

    Making these accusations is a bit out of line when the character you’re saying you think will die wasn’t even involved in the comics at all, making their development and storyline unpredictable and with more potential to fulfill more than the writers already have.

  • Metzfan

    THERE you have it. Sigh. #WrongThereTheirThey’re

    • ll;’l’l’


      • Butchekins


        • adam

          that is an example of a usage error, not a spelling error, brainiac.

  • Ladadah

    Grammar matters. Even when you write an article that is pure guess work.

  • Robert

    If they were to give Beth better story lines I am sure we would love her character too, other then her being the babysitter. As for her singing career I think Emily Kinney is a a good actor and should stick with that, But a singing career….NOT she’s not that good at all she does not have a real true singers voice and half the time its covered up with a lot of reverb and effects to hide the fact she really can’t sing.

  • jksi

    you see in the trailer a bat gonna hit glenn so could this mean negan chooses glenn? with glenns death

  • Jimmy Dean

    This will cause to big of an outrage. Darryl would have to have a heroic death to have fans satisfied.

  • Jazzy Jeff

    then and than?!? c’mon, man!

  • Anamarija L.

    Daryl kill that tank a while ago and it would be great that Daryl kill Negan ! 😉