The UTF Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

It’s 4 days till Christmas and you’re beginning to panic because you’ve left it all to the last minute haven’t you? Well fret not true believer, we’ve done the exact same thing, and we’re passing on our genius last minute gift ideas on to yooooooou! So keep calm, get your walking boots on and brave those busy shops and shopping centres and head straight for what you want with our handy guide:

For The Dad:

It’s been a huge year for Bond with the 50th anniversary of Dr. No and the release of Skyfall, the most acclaimed and highest grossing Bond movie of all time, so why not share the love at Christmas and get your Dad (or any guy over the age of 15) this limited edition gold bottle of the new Bond fragrance.

For The Mum:

Mum’s are generally a slightly tech phobic bunch (we know some of you have some tech savvy parents but ours don’t know and iPad from a sock) but you can’t go wrong with a Kindle (or any ereader really!) pre load some of her favourite books (or ones you think she might like) for a personalised touch, and extra brownie points.

For The Girlfriend:

Our first tip here is don’t go the fanboy route (unless she’s an absolutely hardcore fangirl, and even then we have our reservations) and don’t buy anything thats secretly for you! You can’t go wrong with Tiffany’s (girls love Tiffanys) and not everything there is outrageously expensive. If you aren’t going to be together on Christmas day then a nice romantic meal at a good restaurant is also a safe option, just don’t split the bill!

For The Siblings:

A book, thats right, a book! Books are cool…. seriously! The Hobbit was one of my favourites as a kiddywink, fantasy, action and adventure at its best, plus with the film out it might actually encourage the younger ones to read it! Other enthralling book options include The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy.

Or maybe you want to be the fun older brother/sister who doesn’t buy them a book? Well get them one of those remote control helicopters, they are freaking amazing, this stuff wasn’t around when I was young! Plus if they somehow manage to get bored of it you can nick it, strap a camera on it and spy on your neighborhood crush….. hey I gotta get around the 100m retraining order somehow!


For The Extended Family:

Buying for the members of the family you see less can be extremely difficult, you want something that says you care…. but you don’t want to spend a small fortune on em.

TV boxsets: Know their favourite show? Brilliant pick up a boxset for them…. not 100% sure what they like, you can’t go wrong with HBO; you’ve got The Sopranos for the slightly dodgy Italian Uncle, Game of Thrones for your real life roleplaying cousin, Eastbound and Down for your stoner brother in law (or anyone who appreciates anything funny), or True Blood for any other blood sucking relatives.

For The Boyfriend:

Fangirl looking for a gift for a Fanboy? Take your pick, you have the easiest job ever, if he’s a gaming Zombie fan then go for Telltale’s The Walking Dead game, it’s just picked up Game of the Year and we absolutely loved it here at UTF…. Looking to push the boat out a bit more then pick up the ultimate edition which includes The Walking Dead comic compendium. Otherwise pick and mix pretty much anything you see featured on UTF as we’re sure he’ll be keen!