3 TV Shows That NEED A Reboot


So Charmed will be getting a reboot. Yea you heard right, 7 years after it went off the air the three witches will be coming back to the small screen. TV shows get rebooted all the time, this is not unheard of. In the past few years we’ve seen Hawaii Five-O, Charlie’s Angels, V, Nikita, and many more. Most of these shows did not last too long. I personally think the idea of a Charmed reboot could be interesting, it could be darker and more interesting. Since new shows have been rebooted a lot lately, I decided to take it onto myself to say which shows I’d like to see

The X-Files


I know it hasn’t really been gone for too long, but neither has Charmed. With how well received shows like Fringe were I feel like the X-Files could make a strong comeback. I’m aware the Season 10 book was released only a few months ago, so fans of Scully and Mulder will get their fix, but why should that stop it from coming back? It doesn’t have to be staring Scully and Mulder, it could star a new crop of agents. I don’t pretend to know a lot about the show, but I know it belongs back on TV.


adam west batman

I’m not talking about the Animated Series, or Batman Beyond, I wanna see it like it was back in the 1966. Well not as campy and cheesy as it was, but something like that show. I wanna see long story lines involving the Joker, I wanna see a crazy giant man play Killer Croc, I wanna see Danny Devito guest star as The Penguin. This show could be a hit or a huge failure, either way I really want to see it happen.




I know what you’re thinking, no one can play Mal besides Nathan Fillion. So lets get him back. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me the comics aren’t enough. I love the show, and I want to see it on the air. It wouldn’t be the same with out (SPOILERS) Wash or Book, but isn’t it worth a shot? Honestly this show should have gotten more than one season, so it’s natural that I want it back.

Source: Vulture