Mega Pokemon: Good or Bad?

Pokemon X and Y looks to be the most innovative Pokemon game since red and blue. Game freak seems to have listened to some of the more popular demands and added a whole slew of new features. People wanted to be able to change how their characters looked, so game freak added character customization. They noticed how big meta-game battling and EV training has become, so they added super training. They even found out that people wanted to move diagonally, and they put that in. There is no word yet whether they gave in and made sure the fire starter, Fennekin, will not evolve into a Fire-Fighting type, or if they listened to my wish and let you catch Mario and Link to bring Super Smash Bros to a whole new level.

Now with Game Freak actually listening to fans as to what to put out, you may ask how I could possibly be worried. Well I believe that they are listening to the ‘wrong’ fan group. They are listening to the people who wanted to be given more shiny Pokemon instead of the ones who wanted the heart attacks when they run into them. (I never used the shiny charm. It’s just not the same) What I mean is that I’m very worried that they are nerfing Pokemon. For example, the inclusion of Fairy type seems to me like just a way to make Dragon type less powerful. But why? Dragon type is the most bad-ass group of Pokemon in the game.
Seriously look at these guys. Why should they ever live in fear of anyone? More importantly why should they live in fear of this guy?

I know it’s adorable, but when I’m battling I don’t want to ever switch out my Haxorus because this thing was sent out.

But that’s besides the point. The inclusion of Fairy Type and super training just make out of game battling easier, then they went and added new Mega Pokemon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool thought, but I am worried about what it’ll do to the battling system.

By the end of Black and White 2’s run I couldn’t battle competitively anymore because I was so bored of seeing teams of the same 6 Pokemon over and over again (and the problem wasn’t only in OU. I can’t count the amount of Slobros I saw in UU). These new Mega Pokemon look like they may cause the same problems. As another example, giving Venusaur the thick fat ability makes him an absolute monster. Ice and fire are two of the most common type moves out of game and two moves Venusaur is weak to, and now they will bounce off it.

Maybe it’s just my inability to deal with change or my lack of Pokemon battling skills, but I am terrified as to what could happen to Pokemon with what is happening. Comment below to share what you think!