Here’s How The WALKING DEAD Companion Series Could Surpass The Original

The new Walking Dead companion series may actually be better then the original series, and here’s why: with the original series, they had source material they could follow if they wanted to, but some events, which fans wanted to see, had to be put into the TV series, or else it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead. Like the Governor and the recent Marauder arc, which saw Rick bite the throat out of another survivor who wasn’t very nice.

Now that the Walking Dead show is established, the show runners, producers and writers, especially Robert Kirkman, could write episodes without being held back by the source material. They can create something new as if it were a new comic book, allowing them to have fun with the lives of these new protagonists without there being a guessing or waiting game on how they will die, like it is with the original series. The original Walking Dead series will still get a lot of viewers, especially since most of the fans of the books can’t wait for Negan, but as far as the new companion series goes, it will be full of surprises no one was who has read comics can expect, since they won’t be able to look ahead into the comics and get an idea of who’s going to die, even if a few characters have died prematurely or in place of others on the original TV series.


I’m really excited about this new series because it’s like starting The Walking Dead from the first day it came out on both TV and paper. Something I didn’t do that I wish I had, and it’s going to be fun. Robert Kirkman has said before that when he would write new Walking Dead books, he would write what felt was right at the time and not really think ahead of what it would mean for the future of the series. Two of those issues involved The Governor. In one case, Rick lost a hand, and Kirkman later regretted writing it even though it did humanize Rick enough to show he wasn’t completely indestructible. The other regret Kirkman had was killing The Governor too early because he loved the character. Both have been fixed on the main TV series: Rick still has his hands and the Governor lasted a season and a half. Now with the new companion series, we are going into it fresh, including the writers, who will sit down in the writer’s room and discuss their plans for the season. Only now they don’t have the source material as a safety net.


At first I thought the idea of a companion series was stupid, and was just AMC trying to milk one cash cow (The Walking Dead) to replace another one (Breaking Bad) because the original replacement didn’t quite work out so well (Low Winter Sun). However, after thinking everything out, a new Walking Dead series without “cheats” is actually a really cool concept, and it’ll help AMC create their own expanded universes (aside from the Walking Dead webisodes), like they’re starting with Better Call Saul. I just hope the characters of the new Walking Dead are as interesting, or better then, who we have now, of which Rick, Merle, and Daryl are my favorites. Still waiting on Jesus!