Does Gandalf Fight Sauron In THE HOBBIT Trailer?

I know I might be a little late to this particular speculation party, but after re-watching the trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, a fleeting scene caught my attention. Its a tiny clip, only a few seconds long, but it shows Gandalf on Dol Guldur (Sauron’s base before moving to Mordor) fighting a mysterious villain. The baddie doesn’t appear to be an orc or any sort of race that Peter Jackson’s introduced in the Middle Earth Movie-verse, so who the hell is he?

Now, I know this might sound a bit ludicrous to all of our Tolkien fanboys, but I think this unnamed assailant could be The Necromancer, better known as Sauron.

Here’s the trailer, pay attention at 1:56

And here are some screengrabs. I know they’re a bit blurry, but they’re the best I could do (Yeah! ¬†I’ve always wanted to quote a Pawn Stars dbag)

If you’ll remember back to the actual novel, Gandalf abandons the dwarven company in order to address business in the South, and we discover many years later in The Lord of The Rings appendices that this “business” was actually a siege of Dol Guldur. The ol’ wizard discovered the Necromancer was using the fortress as a base of operations, so after gaining permission from Saruman, Gandy rode to the tower to oust the baddie. Well, he arrived too late, and Sauron had fled to Mordor, leaving behind his abandoned castle and a nearly dead dwarf, Thrain, Thorin Oakenshield’s father.

If all of that sounded a bit confusing, that’s because it is.

Now, in the books, Gandalf never actually fights Sauron. As I explained, the red eyed villain turns tail before Ian McKellan, err… I mean Gandalf, had a chance to beat him up. If Director Peter Jackson was always faithful to the source material, then my bit of supposition could be eagerly dismissed, but as we discovered in The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Petey is pretty liberal with Tolkien’s story at times, so we could very easily see the two characters clash. ¬†Especially since the mysterious character is a staff wielding, haggard, old man, which is much alike the mortal representation of the Istari, spirits of the same rank as Sauron.

Though, writer Dark Jackal at makes a far more likely theory. He believes that the enemy on Dol Guldur is actually the imprisoned Thrain who, driven mad at the hands of The Necromancer, attacks Gandalf when the wizard explores the tower. Considering the assailant’s clothes (which bear striking resemblance with Thorin’s), I think Jackal might have a point… but I’ll hold out hope.

I much rather see Gandalf the Grey throw down with Sauron than a zombified Dwarf Lord.

What do you guys think? Is my point too damn unlikely?

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  • Heirs of Durin

    I haven’t seen any official confirmation yet that it is Thrain in the trailer, but I did read a comment (now deleted) by someone associated with the production that said “You have already seen Thrain” and indicated the trailer. It’s enough proof for me.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      I think you’re right, especially since an actor’s been cast for the role

  • Brian Sleider

    Yeh that is not Sauron it is Thrain.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      i think that’s the more plausible scenario… but how damn cool would the alternative be? Possibly a Sauron-possessed Thrain… I know I’m pulling at straws

  • Paul Wylie

    Sauron or Thrain…it doesn’t matter, this fight will be epic.

  • Bobolinho

    Cannot be Sauron, he wasn’t that small.

  • Luis Eduardo Gutierrez

    This scene isn’t even in this first movie… maybe won’t be playing at all…

    • Deez Nutz

      Extended edition or the 2nd movie. We will see!

    • chaztheman

      this scene was in the movie, they just added special effects to who gandalf was fighting at dol guldur. It is who he got the morgul blade from.

      • Cirith Ungol

        Gandalf didn’t get the Morgul Blade. Radagast the brown brought it to Gandalf.

  • Its Me

    I don’t think that is Sauron the dark lord.Because as you remember what Saruman said in The Lord Of The Rings(the fellow ship of the rings) Sauron can’t take a physical form till he gains the ring.

  • pp

    Disappointed to see ROTK-gravity injustices being done with Thrain here. Either way Gandalf and the rest of the Istari are unauthorised to take on Sauron directly. On another note the appearance of the Necromancer was actually closer to Tolkien’s description of Sauron in FOTR. The Eye was not a physical literal form or entity at all.

  • Mithrandir

    seen the movie twice now since premiere. Last time today in fact. And there is no such scene with thrain. There is however a fight with gandalf and sauron. Sauron is a black whispy smoke and gandalf does a huge “bubble”/light energy field that protects him. Gandalf does this twice before sauron destroys his staff and captures him.

  • Goatburger

    OK. just saw the hobbit… And YES!!! indeed Gandalf does fight Sauron. but its not what you see in that photo. I wont give any spoilers but its some of the possibly the best scene in all of the LOTR series.

  • Waitforit

    Well… Sauron is about 2.7 Meters in Physical form and as you will read in the other comments it is thrain who is in the pictured in a more corrupted like version