5 Things That Will Make BATMAN V SUPERMAN A Great Movie

DC Comics and Warner Bros need to do a lot of work to catch up with Disney and Marvel, who have created an epic and expansive shared universe. Instead of giving their heroes their own standalone films, DC is pushing forward with more team-ups, the first being Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, supposedly based on the hit graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns about an aging Batman.


If the movie is going to be successful, DC should take into consideration these suggestions.

5) Adapt The Jason Todd Story


Since we are getting an aged Batman who comes out of retirement, we need to know why Batman put away the cape and cowl. The best reason for Batman to do so would be if someone close to him was killed. In a flashback sequence, we should see a younger Batman arriving too late and finding Robin beaten to death by the Joker, who is trying to get Batman to kill him. Batman instead bottles up his rage and his desire for vengeance, and knocks out Joker, allowing the Clown Prince of Crime to be arrested. Fast forward however many years later, and now we realize why Batman gave up being Batman.

4) Adapting Part Of The Injustice Story


Sooner or later, people will find out Batman has come out of retirement, including the Joker. With help from Lex Luthor, who hired mercenaries to bust The Joker out of the clink, Joker has a new evil plot. Since he couldn’t corrupt Batman’s no-kill beliefs, Joker will now go after the boy scout Superman by attacking Lois Lane. When Superman arrives too late to save her, he goes after the Joker, who allows himself to be killed. Batman now sees Superman not as the hero he thought he was, and must now stop him before the Man of Steel’s power is used against the world.

3) A Dying Lex Luthor


Everyone knows Lex Luthor has a god complex and wants Superman’s powers. Rumors have suggested that Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor will have a full head of hair, but that’s not the Lex Luthor I know. What would be cool, in terms of story, is if Luthor actually has an ailment that is killing him and he is slowly losing his hair, either from the treatment or the sickness itself. Luthor’s time is running out and he knows it, so he strikes a deal with Bruce Wayne to create drones that could protect Earth from Superman if he were to ever turn against humanity. However, when Batman discovers Lex Luthor is actually after something else (he wants to kill the Man of Steel and use his blood not only to save himself, but study it and learn how it could be applied), Bruce Wayne pulls away from the deal, deciding to build his own safeguard against Superman. Lex Luthor gets pissed that Bruce Wayne is walking out on him, and after some “detective work” discovers Wayne is actually Batman, and hires men to bust the Joker out for revenge.

2) Harley Quinn


While locked up, The Joker has been getting regular “help” from a psychiatrist. However, after explaining, rather convincingly, his views on society, he has actually been slowly corrupting the beautiful therapist who was assigned to treat him. After the Joker is killed/or saved, but still hurt by Batman, Harleen Quinzel decides to follow in the Joker’s footsteps and transforms herself into Harley Quinn.

1) Batman Beating Up Superman


Now that Lex Luthor and The Joker have driven Batman and Superman to face off, it becomes a no-holds barred battle. Batman tries to convince Superman that killing is not the answer, while Superman rebuttals with “Some need to die,” while Batman fires back with “No one has the right to claim someone else’s life, even someone considered a ‘god.'” Batman and Superman face off, destroying buildings and anything that gets in their way, with Superman (of course) gaining the upper hand until Batman figures out how to stop the Man of Steel. With Wonder Woman’s help (replacing an old Green Arrow), Batman is able to hit Superman with a small dose of Kryptonite (a substance Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor discovered weakens Superman), which weakens the Kryptonian long enough for Batman to deliver the final blow and say his iconic line from the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel.

Honorable Mention


Aquaman is rumored to appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Without completely wasting the character, Aquaman could appear on the news as reporters cover his intent on declaring war after the Indian Ocean was nearly destroyed by Zod’s World Engine. Superman then intervenes on behalf of “surface” leaders to ease tension between them and the Atlanteans. Of course, Aquaman will somehow feel disrespected by Superman, and the two of them will engage in a fight, with Superman emerging the victor. Then, Princess Diana of Themyscira would be sent to find out what exactly is going on when the Amazon starts believing Superman is becoming too much of a threat.

This is an honorable mention because it’s a weak story point, although it does include Aquaman, as well as gives Wonder Woman (a name the Daily Planet would give to Princess Diana after seeing her in action) a reason to be in Metropolis. After Batman puts Superman in his place. Aquaman declares war on the surface world. This leads into Justice League, which would start with the Atlantean’s marching on the land, as well as the Amazons. Howeve,r when other extraterrestrial invaders attack Earth, all of Earth’s heroes would have to put their differences aside, end their feuds and work together to stop the much greater threat, which I’m hoping either will be Darkseid, who is controlling Doomsday, or Brainiac, who was actually responsible for the destruction of Krypton by tricking them into taking their natural resources and destroying the planet. Now, he plans to do the same to Earth.