5 Reasons MARVEL STUDIOS Should Bring SPIDER-MAN to TV

Marvel Studios recently expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the realm of TV, and while their premiere television series, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, got off to a bit of a slow start it’s finally began to come into it’s own, but still it isn’t just quite what the fans were hoping for. Marvel regained all television rights to their most recognisable star in 2009, and unless there is a specific clause whereby they can’t portray any live action versions (a clause Marvel would be pretty insane to accept) we here at UTF think they are missing the obvious solution to their weekly episodic woes, and here’s 5 reasons why…

5 – Name Recognition


Whilst we don’t actually condone calling the show ‘Spider-Man’ a new TV series starring the web-head would not only get people talking, it would get people watching, the same people that go out in their hundreds of thousands to see the web-slinger at the cinema every time he has a new silver screen outing. We have no doubt the first episode would break all kinds of records, and what better advert could you have for an up coming movie than a cameo appearance tying into what could potentially be one of the most watched shows on TV!

4 – Expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Although he could never appear on the big screen alongside his fellow heroes a Spider-Man show would open the doors to exploring the fantastic array of characters not quite big enough for the big screen. Spidey has one of the richest rogues galley, but it doesn’t end there, Spider-Man is notorious for his team ups and there aren’t many characters with a larger and more developed supporting cast in the comics.

3 – Multi Demographic Appeal


Teen drama, Super-heroics, Action, Adventure, Spider-Man has it all! If the right balance is struck then it could appeal to young and old, male and female alike. Think of a show that wasn’t just about Peter Parker and his secret identity but a supporting cast you also care about, a mix of Spider-Man loves Mary Jane and Ultimate Spider-Man, a show that focuses as much on the other characters and the man behind the mask as it does on the hero itself… the potential is enormous.

2 – Giving the Fans What they Want!


Fans don’t want to see just the ordinary people it this marvellous (sorry for the pun) world, they want the spectacular, the astonishing, the…. amazing! It’s taken them a while to get there but AoS is embracing the fantastical side of the universe more and more, but us fanboys don’t just want glimpses, we want to revel in it! No Smallville nonsense here, we want our hero suited and booted from the get go, and who better than ol webhead? The budget wouldn’t [always] have to be huge and as much time (if not more) could be spent on small screen friendly villains such as Tombstone and Kingpin for the season spanning big bad with some nice FX payoffs thrown in along the way.

1 – It’s Freaking Spider-Man


As a great man once wrote ‘Nuff Said!’

  • TheGoddamnBader

    Oh, yes! Live-action Spider-Man show would be great!

    I’d love a live-action Spider-Man that’s at a halfway point between Arrow and Smallville.

  • Tony

    Sure I would love to have a long running live action show than just some movies, even if they are great movies, because Spider-Man is one of my favourite heroes and Peter Parker is a intersting character but we already have 2 Peters/ Spider-Mans and 2 Green Goblins and different stories with MJ and Gwen, I would probably rather like to see a new hero to be introduced in a TV show and brought to the MCU, maybe sometimes have a guest like Iron Man, Hawkeye and so on and get him into the movies as well.

    I would like them to give someone like Cloak and Dagger a chance to stand their own, they are interesting characters and have a nice story to tell, or maybe give Black Panther a TV show.

  • Brak Dayton

    Yeah, right. Just like Agents of Shield (which I think is great) all these so-called fans will start moaning how it’s not as good as the movies. There’s a reason these shows aren’t on TV. Unless you have a 50 million dollar per episode budget, forget it. Or they could go the Hanna Barbera route and just keep showing the same cg shots over and over. You fanboys say you want this sh!t but as soon as you get it you start complaining.

    I never got into Smallville but obviously someone did since it lasted 10 seasons! I like Arrow and I love AoS. I used to love Marvel comics when the editors DIDN’T listen to the fans and just produced great books.

    So just shut the ¬£uc% up and stop offering your pearls of wisdom, it’s starting to really p!$$ me off!

    • TheRealTimewarp

      Yeah the popular opinion seems to be “Here’s this outlandish idea that I want, I don’t care how you do it just make it work!” the same applies to video games, I’ve heard a lot of gamers say they want realistic A.I that think for themselves which is impossible, Bioshock Infinite had a complex A.I script for Elizabeth and they needed to delay the game just to get her A.I right.

  • Jeff Forehand

    I’ve been saying this for months. The budget would be the only constraint on this show. If they could find a way to make it so the fight scenes didn’t look cheap, the show would be a hit.