4 Things TONY STARK can Show STAR-LORD That’ll Make Him Loose His S**T

Like Captain America, Star-Lord is a “man out of time” so if he ever makes it back to Terra (Earth) there are more then a few things he’d have to check out, And of course he’d get some help from Tony Stark.

So here are 5 things Star-Lord might loose his s*** over unofficially sponsored by Iron Man:



Stark would have to start off small. Yes, Star-Lord is around crazy alien tech, he drives a freaking spaceship. But a GAMEBOY would be perfect for him, especially since most of the games released for it were timeless. When he wants to entertain between planets, he could pop in a cartridge into his little handheld and play through Mario Bros, Tetras, Dr. Mario, Zelda, and even, dare we say it, Pokémon! Especially Pokémon since the point of the game is to “catch them all” and that’s probably what he’ll being doing in the sequels, except with Infinity stones.


3) Social Networking:

When Star-Lord gets bored with his GAMEBOY, he’ll turn to Stark and ask “What’s next?” To which the billionaire-playboy-philanthropist won’t reply, because he’d be too busy tweeting about his new “out-of-this-world” friends. When Star-Lord is finally able to get his attention, Stark will show him all the funny memes and vines he shared. And after making Quill his own accounts he can watch hilarious vine videos until the next intergalactic threat.

2) Good TV

Since Star-Lord has been gone, some good television has surfaced. While trying to work on some new suits and not wanting to be bothered, Stark would probably sit Star-Lord in front of a massive entertainment center and hand him the remote, giving Quill access to over 1,000 different channels. Star-Lord may come across old school TV shows like Alf or Three’s Company, but once he settles on The Walking Dead or a Breaking Bad marathon, he’d be hooked, like the rest of us, especially since censorship laws have changed since then, allowing for more crazy adult content. Star-Lord will probably end up binge watching everything from Walking Dead to Dexter, and maybe even Parks and Recreation and fall in love with Andy, like the rest of America 😉

1)MP3 player:

With the universe saved, and the Guardians of the Galaxy bidding farewell to The Avengers, Stark can give Quill a 60GB iPod Touch with hit music spanning every era. Star-Lord’s mind would be blown and his heart melting by such an incredible gift. He may keep his cassette player for the memories, but with his rechargeable new iTouch, Star-Lord would have so much music he wouldn’t know what to do with.

Now the two cocky team leaders just became long distance best friends, who can’t wait for the next time they get a chance to hang out and save the marvelous people of this shared space. Que: Awesome Mix, Playlist #1.