X-Files: Season 10, #9 – Review

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After a handful of multi-issue arcs The X-Files: Season 10 goes back to basics with a creepy one-shot that offers readers equal doses or bugs and evil. And it rocks.

Here’s the official word from IDW:

“Chitter”: A missing persons investigation leads Agents Mulder and Scully into a disgusting mess of human sacrifice, enough bugs to keep your skin crawling long after the issue is over, and The X-Files’ newest “Monster of the Month.” But what is “The Chittering God,” and why does it hunger for Dana Scully?

Anyone following this title already knows that writer Joe Harris’ greatest strength is his openings — Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 6.54.09 AMthey’re often startling, gripping, and engaging. Now, with Chitter, we can add one more adjective to that list: gross. But gross is good! At least with the case of Chitter as Harris tells the tale of an insect horde that seems to inspire murder and sacrifice in its human hosts. And, as IDW’s description would indicate, it wants Scully as its newest victim. While Harris’ tale is shorter than usual it’s still immensely satisfying; he’s laid enough tentative groundwork to establish this new foe…but not too much information — the reader is left wanting more and hoping for a reprise sometime soon.

In the past, the art for X-Files has often been hit or miss — artists seems to either embrace the task of rendering a recognizable Scully and Mulder, or created strange “still lifes”that feel stiff or sketchy. Not so with Greg Scott. His  work on this issue is beautifully detailed, fluid and appropriately creepy. His work on “Chitter” is reminiscent of the dark and moody tone he created on Gotham Central and, man, it’s a true joy.

This latest dose of X-Files might be the best one yet. Go grab this thing today.



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