Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman?

So a new casting call has been brought to my attention for the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman Movie. No it’s not for a new Batman, or for Lex Luthor, or for Damian Wayne.

“Warner Bros. is seeking a woman in her late 20s, with the studio open to casting all ethnicities. The part requires the actress to be tall and physically capable of going toe-to-toe with The Dark Knight.”

The Casting Call may have been for Wonder Woman. Who else fits that description? (Well besides any female superhero.) Wonder Woman seems like an obvious choice, but earlier this month there was a rumor of a new love interest for Batman. Could they be one in the same?

If Wonder Woman is to be in the new movie, I have no idea how she will fit in. It isn’t Batman vs Superman vs Wonder Woman (though that does sound awesome). The addition of Wonder Woman into this already jam-packed movie may prove to hurt rather than help. As it stands right now there will be a whole lot in this movie. How Superman and Batman meet, the plan of the villain, how Superman and Batman become friends, any love story between Lois Lane and Clark Kent, a love interest for Batman, and now Wonder Woman’s involvement. Yikes.

Throwing Wonder Woman into this movie for the sake of putting her in is not doing the hero justice. She deserves her own movie and not giving one to her is a joke. Once again we have no idea who this casting call is for, and I have my doubts that it actually is for Wonder Woman. My guess is this will be a new character we haven’t thought of yet. I doubt they would put Supergirl in at this stage of the franchise. Catwoman makes sense, but because she was in theDark Knight Rises I don’t think it’s her. Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn make for some cool villains, but not for this movie. As it stands now we will remain in the dark as to who this mystery woman. Who do you think it could be?


Sources: MovieWeb, BleedingCool

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  • Brian Smith

    Which woman in DC Universe (Whom is also extremely popular) can go toe-to-toe with the dark knight is the correct way for us to guess.

    1) Wonder Woman
    2) Super Girl
    3) Power Girl
    4) Zatanna (But now we are venturing off into comic fans knowledge)

    It’s gotta be Wonder Woman. Poison Ivy and Harley (Especially without the Joker, and I guarantee they are not ready to reintroduce the Joker after Heath owned it) would be of little to no importance with Superman in the movie. Think about… is a plant or a prank gonna do anything to Superman except make him laugh?

  • dibu24

    Mercy Graves, the female bodyguard of Lex Luthor.