Weird Love #6 Review

What happens when you add the bizarre world of love and the odd then you have the perfect mix for some fun and interesting stories. Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

Our brand spankin’ new issue of everybody’s favorite love to hate, or is that hate to love, comic… the lurid, the lusty, the loony…WEIRD Love! Along with MUCH more this issue has the most jaw-drooping, hilarious, bizarro story we’ve ever dared to print: “I Married a Monster!” about a girl’s crush who is a head-to-toe hairy, big footed, loon who goes around howling, “AROOOO!” If she likes him there’s hope for us ALL!


Well we have another issue of Weird Love. It is a very interesting group of comics that come together to be a comic book. I can’t say that I really enjoy the comic as a whole but there are a couple of stories that I found interesting. First off, I loved the “Love Slaves” section, it was kind of a neat look at love and hoping for the best. It was my favorite one. After that, it seems that they all kind of go down from there. It could be a lot better if the stories had a theme but they just seem to be random. This issue wasn’t my cup of tea.

Joe Gill does a fun job of being an intro to the comic series. It is a nice little look into why this comic book exists. The writers for the individual comics vary and again not all were my cup of tea.

Joe Stanton, Charles Nicholas, Don Perlin, Various each have an interesting style for their various comics and each one should be commended for their abilities. It was pretty cool to see.

Weird Love #6 is an okay comic with some good drawings.

  • + A fun introduction
  • + Fantastic art
  • - Not a clear theme
  • - Not great stories

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