Weird Love #5 Review


Romance is a funny thing and can drive a man or woman mad, but this is a whole new level of weirdness. Read on to find out more.

Our cover boy likes big books, he cannot lie—and you’re going to love the latest issue of the unintentionally hilarious cult-favorite comic book Weird Love! The editors, Clizia Gussoni and Craig Yoe, who the 13th Dimension call, “The Masters and Johnson of comic books” find the most demented romance comics of the 1950s and present them in full lurid color for your repulsion/pleasure! Just wait until you read a story you’re SURE to relate to: “I Was Too Beautiful!”

The 50’s were a messed up place when it comes to romance. I found this comic horrifying but not WeirdLove_05-3-580x892for the scare reason but how crazy it is. There are three stories, which are fine but the biggest one is “I Was Too Beautiful”. The story is a cautionary tale about being too pretty, which is odd. This woman is treated like garbage because she is good looking. It is really an odd tale. I understand why someone would read this and think that this story is important but I just thought it was so appalling. It has a very interesting ending that I think you have to read to believe.

Joe Gill does a great job of bringing these odd and horrifying stories together and adding some humor to the stories by giving you an introduction and some tid bits in the comic. It really is fantastic.

Ogden Whitney is really a great artist and adds a new level of freshness to these comic by adding his own little bit to the original art that breathes some fresh breathe to them.

Weird Love #5 is a weird and fantastic comic series that really makes you re-think love.

+A quirky and odd look at the 50's +Weird love stories work +Neat art and restoration -It is kind of horrifying

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