Voltron: Year One #6 Review

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The final issue is here, so does this prequel ultimately deliver something worthwhile?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Commander Sven had his chance…all he had to do was hesitate for just the briefest second, and let the man that’s been trying to ruin him get exactly what he deserved. But instead he does the right thing, and all it costs him is his reputation and his command. #686 has officially become a serious problem for the powers that be, and the solution is one that’ll change the course of the entire universe. “Fearless Leader” ends, and the only question remaining is…did they send them because they thought they would succeed? Or because they knew they would fail?

Final issue!!!

If someone would have told me that there was going to be a re-imagining of Voltron that played with more mature themes while embracing or evolving the campier elements of the classic series in order to create a contemporary space odyssey, I would have laughed them off.  But that’s exactly what’s happening here and this mini-series is further proof of the genius inherent in that idea.

Brandon Thomas is the captain of this vessel as he delivers another exceptional script.  The skilled author embraces a fever pitch pace while he delves out a plethora of narrative meat to a very hungry audience.  The end result is a sterling combination that succeeds in keeping readers thoroughly glued to their seats until they find out whether or not our heroes accomplish their mission.  Ultimately anyone could have guessed how this comic book had to end but trust me there were still a few surprises along the way.

I can’t say enough good things about the highly detailed and well structured art by Craig Cermak.  The pencil strokes imbue this work with a unique character that finds a way to both mature key elements from the old television series and embrace modern science fiction.  The end result is nothing short of visual eye candy as our heroes complete a step in their storied journey.

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Voltron: Year One #6 ends this short-lived prequel on an exceptional note, as our intrepid team of Space Explorers concludes this chapter in excellent fashion.  Highly recommended.


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