Voltron #9 Review

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Emotions are running high in this latest release staring everyone’s favorite crew of intrepid Space Explorers, but is it really worth your time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The planet formally known as Doom and the Earth now share a common enemy—one capable of defeating Voltron in open combat and knocking down any planet that gets in its way. Commander Keith knows exactly who’s behind it all, and he’s got his prime suspect locked in a small windowless room for the next two hours. If he doesn’t crack him, then the guy goes free and everything falls down. So Keith must decide exactly how far he’s willing to go to find the truth, and he’s got to decide quick. Because their new enemy is closing in on its next target, and even though Arus has endured much in the past, surviving “Ten Lions” might not be in its future…

The resurrection of the Voltron franchise in recent years has had some interesting results, this comic book being chief among them.  What we have here is a monthly mature sequel of sorts and a re-imagining of the classic 80s cartoon in a way that’s more than worthy of the legacy it embodies.

Brandon Thomas once again pens the script and this writer hits it out of the park.  He moves the series toward a very powerful one-on-one conversation between King Lotor and Commander Kogane that simply sets the stage and tone for this latest arc in a way that highlights some striking character work.  His grasp on each protagonist’s voice leads to some rather startling revelations and violent repercussions that should have fans eagerly talking about what will come next.

N. Steven Harris delivers art that is steadily growing on me.  The talent’s grasp of the architecture and design of this world is quite compelling as the structure of faces and misshapen bodies give way to an entirely unique but compelling visual style.  Each pencil stroke is a solid addition toward a rather vibrant realization of this storied saga that won’t necessarily appeal to everyone but it’s confidently done in a way that warrants a look.

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Voltron #9 is an outstanding issue that doesn’t only offer the bells and whistles of a proper extension of the franchise but it reveals depths and a dark undertone that makes this release a must buy.  Highly recommended.


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