A Voice in the Dark #4 Review

Is there enough intrigue in this tale to hold an audience? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


When serial killers rub elbows with sorority girls at frat parties, will Zoey come to the conclusion that some people need to be killed?

Written and drawn—by mouth—by disabled creator Larime Taylor.

A Voice in the Dark 4_CAfter four issues I can gleefully report that this is one franchise that’s certainly worth a look. What’s been crafted here is a competent and compelling entry that further escalates the exploits of this particular protagonist while her world slips further into murky waters. The mere fact that the creator has the know how to delve into situations that have a serious undertone without losing what makes the whole of the book work is enough of a justification to get you to buy this comic. Be sure to add it to your pull-list.

Larime Taylor nails it this month, as the scribe delivers on every imaginable literary front. From the development of our protagonist to the introduction of a new antagonist there’s a lot to love within. I particularly enjoyed the thoughtful back and forth regarding the death penalty, granted this a title dealing with a lead that’s killed but I didn’t expect to see a section dedicated to the moral implication of the state version of such an act. That might all sound heavy handed, but trust me, through the dialogue there’s a lot to enjoy.

The art continues to be a clean and crisp visualization of the text, as the author pulls double duty in a jaunt that’s truly all his own. The illustrations by Larime Taylor pop of the page, but there were moments where the angles felt a bit awkward. The inclusion of a couple Easter eggs, namely a certain creator’s appearance at a party, help make this is a visually engaging experience. To sum up: the pictures range from good to great, and they’re more often the latter.

A Voice in the Dark #4 is a highly recommended piece of fiction that deserves a chance to win you over.



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