A Voice in the Dark #2 Review


After a successful beginning, can this thought provoking series handle the weight of its premise?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Zoey’s talk radio show will become a deadly public forum for her twisted listeners before she will even know what hit her.

A Voice in the Dark 2_CAs I close this comic all I can say is: wow.  The second issue absolutely nailed it, as the talent took his first arc in an interesting direction.  I literally could not put it down, as from start to finish a dialogue piece kept a strong current of suspense that cemented the unique aspects of this title.  In short: this is a worthwhile addition to your pull-list.

Larime Taylor handles the text and without a doubt the author does a tremendous job balancing a somewhat simplified cast of characters.  From conversations on the radio to a diner unwind with her uncle, our young (occasional) murderess is slowly but surely coming to terms with what she is.  But despite all that I felt a couple of the story bits came off a tad bit dry, and somewhat out of place, but these hiccups left passing impressions that were of little consequence. The bulk of the work impressed, especially as the release reached its chilling climax.

If the text wasn’t enough to impress, Larime Taylor also takes on the artistic side of this endeavor.  He crafts lightly detailed locations and players, while bringing this depressingly honest interpretation of the world to the page.  He carries an under current of darkness that makes the whole thing work, as his renditions ring true to the human experience.  There were a couple panels where bodily formation and character faces seemed a tad bit off, but these did not take away from the narrative experience.

A Voice in the Dark #2 is a must own book.  I’ll be honest, after the first issue I though I knew where this was going but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. What we have in our hands is a fascinating concept that deserves a chance.  Highly recommended.



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