Venom #29 Review

The latest story arc continues but is our hero starting to lose control of his symbiote?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


• Flash Thompson uncovers a mystery in Philadelphia, and Katy Kiernan may be its first victim!

• Cullen Bunn (WOLVERINE) and Thony Silas (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: ENDS OF THE EARTH) continue the tale of Venom’s first adventure in his new home!

It may seem like an odd way to start this review, but I have to say this latest issue of Venom had one of the most satisfying cliffhangers.  It simply succeeded in setting up what looks to be a very memorable 30th outing and sure the stuff leading up to it was solidly written as well as expertly drawn but the ending absolutely sold it.

Series scribe Cullen Bunn delivers another good script that does just enough to move things forward even as it, for the most part, plays things rather safe. His character work on Flash Thompson is getting stronger with each release as he slowly but surely continues to define his run with this storied franchise. From the use of demonic themes and now scientific ones, this author has clearly embraced some of the more bizarre aspects in the Marvel Universe.  To be honest fans might not expect to find these things in a Venom book but nonetheless they’re here and trust me when I say that air of uniqueness makes the whole thing work.

The art by Thony Silas does just enough to turn each and every visual into something more than its basic parts.  From the players to the backgrounds, the tone set forth by the script is expertly illustrated by this talent.  Save for a few minor moments where the lack of consistent detail throws things a tad bit off, I continue to thoroughly enjoy the depictions found here.  The pencil strokes certainly encapsulate the chaos and madness inherent in this versatile property so what more could anyone ask for?

Venom #29 is another really good read that does more than enough to keep its devoted fans satisfied.  Recommended.


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