Venom #28 Review

The symbiote clad Avenger is moving on with his life, but is a new city really going to be a better fit for our beleaguered fighter?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


• A rash of sudden disappearances bring Flash Thompson and Katy Keirnan to Philadelphia – what do the U-Foes have to do with it?!

• Thony Silas returns to Venom as he and Cullen Bunn give the world’s most dangerous hero a new home!

There are monsters within each of us that we all bury underneath our accepted routines, but for Flash Thompson his darker side is constantly exposed for the entire world to see.  Whether he’s fighting criminals or dealing with his own limitations this veteran has some serious issues that he needs to start dealing with.

Series scribe, Cullen Bunn, turns in another engaging read as he takes our protagonist out of his comfort zone.  He puts him into two situations that could potentially lead to some very interesting developments in the coming months but it’s also becoming painfully clear that our hero may not have as much control over his life as he currently thinks.  As much as I enjoyed the start of this arc I found myself to be somewhat underwhelmed by the apparent happenstance the narrative relies on, but beyond that this was another solid romp.

Thony Silas does a good job on the art in this outing.  From the first page to the final panel he perfectly illustrates the symbiote while giving just enough of a kinetic spark to the world in order to illuminate the insecurities surrounding this alien weapon and the questions regarding it.  There are moments where lowered levels of detail lead to some rather bland shots but for the most part this particular comic book fits right in with the rest.

Venom #28 is another good release that continues to propel this stellar series forward with our hopelessly capable but very much adrift protagonist going along for the ride.  Recommended.


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