TRANSFORMERS: Windblade #5 Review

WTransformers_Windblade_5_cover Bhile Robots In Disguise has gone through various changes, including plot and name, issues like Transformers: Windblade #5 make me wonder why things aren’t the other way around. Why can’t Windblade be a more permanent character?

The official description from IDW:

RACE AGAINST THE LIGHT! On VELOCITRON, racing isn’t a sport—it’s a matter of life and death! WINDBLADE and BLURR put the pedal to the metal to save CYBERTRON—and their own lives.

Overall, this issue is rather quick paced – much like the mini-series – but this serves as one of its strengths, considering the larger scope its trying to tell. Still, this is exactly why Windblade could be more prominently positioned as a constant offering. The title offers a larger setting, a political intrigue and sense of character that keep it its own, thematically seperate from Robots In Disguise.

A large portion of this is thanks to Maighread Scott. Her writing is solid and, while she doesn’t go in depth too much, her strong use of a small, central cast helps to keep things tight, honed and focused. Windblade is a very realised protagonist and Scott always finds ways to keep her relevant and useful. It’s this sense of charm and personality, even when using little-used cast members such as Blurr, that are this title’s biggest strengths.

Visually, this is where the issue is lacking. I like the more cartoony style of Corin Howell, but some of the larger backgrounds appear a little flat and dull, lacking any grand wow or pop. The first Windblade mini-series nailed the art look and as good as Howell’s fluid aesthetics are, it’s not a close match.

Still, all in all, it’s hard not to enjoy this issue, especially considering how much its done while Combiner Wars does.. well, whatever that’s doing.

  • + Simple, speedy plot
  • + Well-written characters and charm
  • + Looks good
  • - Sometimes a little too fast, skipping details/depth

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