Transformers: Robots In Disguise #18 Review


After last issues breathing space with a one-shot on Shockwave, Transformers: Robots In Disguise #18 returns to Cybertron after the recent events. After some successful issues, does the latest live up to the high standards being raised?

The official description from IDW:

SURVIVOR’S GUILT! After the shattering events of the past two issues, we can’t tell you who’s alive and who’s dead. But we will hint that one CYBERTRONIAN has to reconsider her worldview—while she comes face-to-face with some old enemies. We won’t mention any names, but she’s in for the fight of her life!

For the most part, this issue is very good at getting the right atmosphere. The opening pages just feel right, offering that certain type of narration, filled with hindsight and emotion. The rest of the issue does okay, too, although one has to question how much personal matters and drama interact with the overall plot.

Still, credit has to be given to the writing. John barber doesn’t just shoe-horn these things up. Although a lot of the cast here don’t usually get this much focus, it fits with the general theme. Things have changed and interactions that wouldn’t normally happen are now important; the writing at least goes with this, and works the new character angles well.

As for the art, this is the usual high standard on offer by Artilio Rojo, with plenty of detail and character.  The colors by Priscilla Tramatotano also help. What opens with the usual striking colors of Iacon ends with the open, bright colors of the Cybertron wastes. Its a simple clash that works well with the story and, more importantly, just looks good.

All in all, I’m in two halves over this issue. Certain aspects feel like ‘filler’, or simply not important enough. That said, the over all beginning and ending certainly display a lot and promise just as much, so its hard to deny this issue outright. It was certainly fun to read and fits is a welcome return from last month’s sidetracking.



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