Transformers: Robots In Disguise #10 Review


An unusual issue, Transformers: Robots In Disguise #10 picks things up with Optimus Prime. With a few changes, this issue stands out amongst the series, but not for all the right reasons.

The official description from IDW:

OPTIMUS PRIME IN SPACE! Orion Pax—the former OPTIMUS PRIME—follows a rogue group of DECEPTICONS into one of the greatest mysteries ever to face the AUTOBOTS! Time will bend—and heroes will fall!

This issue is, to summaries, complicated. First of all, this issue features Optimus Prime (or Orion Pax as he seems to be called now). Prime hasn’t been around in this series much, so its a bit of a jump to unexpectedly swing back into things with the Auto-bot leader. This is further made complicated by his appearances in More Than Meets The Eye. Although, in that issue he is in a flashback before he became Optimus Prime. This issue, however, shows him after he returned to Orion Pax. New readers might struggle to get their head around this. I’m no expert on Transformers Law, so I’m not entirely sure what happened when either.

As for the issue itself, its certainly interesting, even if the narrative seems to be all over the place. With the appearance of both Turmoil and his time-traveling ship, there isn’t much of a linear plot line here. The story bounces all over the place, using Optimus (sorry.. Orion) as the only constant. This is supported by rigid paneling that gives a very ordered appearance to the issue. This might split fans, at times its successful, at other times it seems to be artistic for the sake of it.

This artistic side is also shown in the dialogue, with some of the dialogue being spoken in rhyme. It makes several scenes feel more surreal. This is no doubt intentional, and it certainly helps confuse the reader. Rhyming aliens and robots aside, this only adds to the artistic or experimental side of this issue.

Overall, Robots In Disguise is a good issue, except for its dis-jarring changes. Besides the complicated plot, the change in art style doesn’t help. Everything feels too different, there’s no consistency to tie it into recent issues of both Robots In Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye. New readers will be absolutely confused, older fans may have to refer back to previous issues.

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