Transformers: Robots In Disguise #33 Review


Transformers_RobotsInDisguise_33_coverBTransformers: Robots In Disguise #33 takes a break from the Earth-based action to provide an update on Cybertron. Is this a welcome, refreshing break or a delay in the current storyline?

The official description from IDW:

WHEELJACK REBORN! After months unconscious, WHEELJACK awakens to find a strange, new CYBERTRON! STARSCREAM rules—OPTIMUS PRIME has made peace with MEGATRON—and WINDBLADE controls the city. What’s a scientist to do… but uncover the greatest mystery in TRANSFORMERS history?

In short, I found this utterly refreshing. Given how importance Cybertron is in the current setting – and the fact it doesn’t have it’s own dedicated comic now Robots In Disguise is focusing on Earth – it’s great to have a quick one-shot. This update also carries on from the Windblade mini-series and it brings many of the strengths of that series.

In terms of the writing, I want to praise John Barber, but I think a lot of it is due to a change of plot. The Earth storyline just wasn’t as exciting, whereas this issue has a lot of development already placed under it’s feet. As such, it can hit the ground running and take what it needs. Barber delivers results, and writes a story full of character, rather than mindless action.

Visually, this issue has artwork from Sarah Stone, so if you loved Windblade you’ll love this. Stone’s artwork is something that reinforces the strong characters and charm of Transformers. These aren’t just mindless robots and Stone’s blend of mechanic lines and organic, dynamic curves brings this point to the fore. Add her vibrant use of color and you have an issue I could read from start to finish without even looking at the words.

In many ways, this issue makes me wonder why there isn’t a third title, or why Robots In Disguise doesn’t feature Cybertron more. This is a welcome break, but I do hope we get to return here soon.

  • + Sarah Stone's artwork is incredible
  • + A much-needed return to Cybertron
  • + Well paced
  • - Why isn't this a lone-standing title?

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