Transformers: Robots In Disguise #30 Review

Transformers_robots_disguise_30 variant coverThe new line-up and plot still needs breaking in, but Transformers: Robots In Disguise #30 is certainly doing a very good effort to sell itself. I mean, there are giant robots fighting each other – how much more do we need?

The official description from IDW:

GALVATRON THE BARBARIAN! From Cybertron’s ancient past came the warrior-king, GALVATRON. Once, he united CYBERTRON and ushered in a Golden Age. Now, he wants to do the same to Earth… but OPTIMUS PRIME has a problem with that plan.

This issue comes off a bit boring, but it ultimately proves to be a very decent and capable issue. There’s plenty of action, with the added twist of a human element that’s been missing from Transformers for a while, before a second-half that’s slower in nature but explores the current story line in more detail. In short, it has plenty of intrigue and mystery, as well as just enough action to ensure there isn’t a dull moment.

In terms of writing, John Barber is better dealing with some character’s than others. Many of the Autobots have distinctive personalities, such as Prowl, while the humans need more fleshing out. Similarly, I’m worried Galvatron isn’t enough of a villain in his own right. Barber’s script treats him very much as a second Megatron – a tyrant that rules through violence – and the plot deserves someone different and more distinct in their own right.

Visually, Transformers: Robots In Disguise #30 still keeps up  a diverse art style that really isn’t that diverse. The main body of work has pencils by Andrew Griffith and colors from Josh Perez. It’s sharp, distinct and has plenty of color. However, the flash backs come have pencils by Casey W. Coller at the start and Brendan Cahill later on later on, both of which have Joanna Lafuente later on. As I’ve said before, the art style isn’t unique enough to separate the art teams clearly enough and having two different pencils for flashbacks seems over excessive and unwarranted.

All in all, it’s not a bad issue, yet little hiccups – like an over focus on the art style – to hold it back from being great. Still, it’s early days and there is plenty of potential.

  • + Giant robot action!
  • + The move to Earth get's interesting
  • - Do we really need so many artists for one issue?
  • - Generic bad guy is generic

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