Top 5 Comic Book Reads For Any GODZILLA Fan

With the release of more Godzilla movies on Blu-Ray, including the recent 2014 film, it’s a good time to be collecting Godzilla movies.  But what about Godzilla comic books?  Current titles Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth and Godzilla: Cataclysm  are both excellent reasons to start your Godzilla comic book collecting. However, they aren’t the only reasons. There’s been quite a selection  over the years, so for those who want issues that will get you hooked, here are five of the best comic reads the franchise has to offer.


The first few Godzilla issues for Marvel were entertaining in their own right, but they weren’t quite what G-fans were expecting from a Godzilla title. Issue 4, however, features the start of a two part arc of massive monster brawling.  #4 starts with a ship being attacked by a strange flying creature called Batragon. Sure enough, Godzilla shows up for a mid-ocean scuffle, one which his foe barely escapes. Of course, Godzilla pursues, leading the story into an island that is continued in the next issue.

#5 is pure monster mayhem. As Godzilla follows his prey, he discovers a group of monsters on the island created by Dr.Demonius. While Godzilla battles the creatures,  S.H.I.E.L.D. battles Demonius. In the end justice prevails and Godzilla swims off, ready for another adventure!



In the previous issue, Godzilla has been weakened by a chemical  toxin that nearly had him down for good. At this same time, a bat-like creature from space named Bagorah flies down to earth, eager to feast on the monster king. A battle throughout Vancouver ensues with Godzilla, still weakened and unable to use his trademark heat ray he is forced to fall back on more improvisational attacks until finally at full power, he is able to conquer his vicious foe.


His name might be in the title, but this issue actually had nothing to do with Godzilla. Instead, this stars longtime fan favorite and sort of “sidekick” to the nuclear leviathan, the spiked back underdog Angurius steps up the plate to take on one of the toughest monsters in the Godzilla roster, Destoryah! A brutal one-sided battle is fought with Angurius taking the beating, but is able to be overturned when a small trio military personnel give our monster the chilling advantage he needs to turn the tides!


Godzilla meets Sanda and Gaira!
Godzilla meets Sanda and Gaira!

This is an important one for hardcore fans of TOHO’s Kaiju films, the company behind several non-Godzilla movies, and while most monsters would eventually crossover, one we never saw was a crossover with Sanda and Gaira, the brown and green Gargantuas from fan favorite War of the Gargantuas.  Well, here in a recent issue of what is so far the best Godzilla comic series, this long awaited meeting finally becomes a reality. In Kaiju, fanboys dream come true as Godzilla faces both hairy goliaths in a  melee of savage action in the middle of a bustling metropolis.


As previously mentioned I would say Rulers of Earth is the best Godzilla comic series to date. That being said, Half Century War is what I would recommend for anyone coming into the comics off the wave of the new movie, as it takes a similar perspective. It is from the viewpoint of a special branch of military  group as they follow Godzilla throughout various periods of time. However, there is no shortage of monster action that one would expect from a Godzilla title. If you’re looking to start your collection off right I would highly recommend this mini series.


Be on the look out for the new mini series, Godzilla Cataclysm, as it looks like another promising  installment in the ever growing lore of Godzilla. And of course pick up as much Rulers of Earth as possible!

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  • David Howard

    I have the Dark Horse series, most of the Marvel series, and the Marvel “Essentials” trade PB in my collection and I am currently up to date on Rulers of Earth and Cataclysm; all awesome. While I agree that issues #4-5 of the Marvel series were great, I find that I prefer the issues #10-14 much better; the 2 issue “Yetrigar” arc, leading into the 3 issue “Mega-Monsters” arc. And the 2 issue arc for the finale of the series was truly EPIC!