Titan Books Launch Titan Comics

Titan Books today announced that they will be launching a brand new comics imprint which will focus on creator owned properties. This isn’t Titans first forray into comics as they have been putting out collected editions and licensed graphic novels for years, but it does mark the first time they will be putting out a dedicated line of glossies (they’re well known for Tank Girl in the states).

Speaking about the new venture Nick Landau, Publisher of Titan Comics said “This is the start of something very special. We’re searching out fantastic new voices and astonishing new artists, and helping them bring their dream projects to fruition – as well as remaining a world-leader in the field of classic comics restoration and republication.”

The imprint is set for a July 2013 launch and will begin with 2 brand new creator owned series; Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol by Stuart Jennett and Numbercruncher by Si Spurrier and P.J. Holden, respectively.

We love our indie comics, so for creator owned books to be more widely available can only be a good thing.