Think Tank #8 Review

After dealing with a complicated world of politics and espionage, is this saga revolving around a slacker scientist starting to get stale?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Accountability isn’t something Dr. David Loren worried about before. Sheltered behind the manned concrete perimeter of CED, so long as he continued to fulfill his contractual obligation to create inventions of destruction, David never had to think twice about being an arrogant jerk. But right now, David is on the wrong side of the military’s good graces. And accountability is a bitch.

From the first issue on, I knew I had started to cover something that would be a challenge.  It’s not that the series is particularly hard to follow or that the dialogue is too thick, actually neither are the case, the fact is that the franchise challenges its audience. The combination of harsh realities and an attitude from the protagonist have made for an interesting journey.

Matt Hawkins pens the script and the scribe knows his protagonist well, as he handily moves Dr. David Loren into some emotional growth that’s sure to challenge him in the months ahead.  It’s not as simple as a dog in his life, or the murder he witnessed, this genius is now coming to terms with elements in his existence that are beyond his control and it’s amusing to watch.  The only complaint I have about this release is that I wish more time and care would be given the secondary characters.

At this point I can only describe how much I admire what Rahsan Ekedal has done with the art.  The level of emotion he’s able to convey while still attributing a high level of detail to some intricate panel work is extraordinary.  There were times where some character positions and movements seemed far too static but trust me this did little to sully an already impressive body of work that’s sure to please eager followers of this burgeoning title.

Think Tank #8 is a comic that won’t be for everyone but the quality found here speaks for itself.  Highly recommended.


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