The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #4 Review

The adventures of a team comprised of back-up villains continues here, but is it really something worth buying?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Getting the Band Back Together!

What a brilliantly crafted piece of fiction!  Sure this a series that follows a team that’s dysfunctional and lacks the member count to be a true version of the Sinister Six but there’s something special buried beneath the premise.  And thanks to the hard work of the creative team that fact is coming to light.  In particular it’s the composition of the title that should inspire attention, as real world feels combine brilliantly with over the top circumstances to yield an adventure that’s guaranteed to glue you to your chair.

The script by Nick Spencer from the first page to the final panel just sucks you in.  The author’s literary prowess comes out to play as he uses Boomerang to narrate this tale of loyalty, deception and a hopeful heist.  That’s what really sells the book, as the text works overtime to not just deliver comedy but also nuanced sequences that are fundamentally engrossing.  The bulk of the work on display is at such a high level of quality that there is simply no other course of action than to plant yourself in a comfortable spot and eagerly flip to the next page.

Steve Lieber plays up the visual sides of things by delivering some elegantly realized renditions.  It’s a style that echoes the past of the industry as it embraces the modern sensibilities of the future.  The talent uses simple pencil strokes to evoke details within the sequences that highlight the personalities of our primary cast.  It truly is a marvelous display that should please even the most discerning fan or critic. In short: there’s no reason not to pick up this book and walk away amazed.

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #4 is a fascinating release set in an era plagued by a warped version of an iconic hero.  Despite that fact this is with a doubt a welcome addition to anyone’s pull-list.  Highly recommended.


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