The Manhattan Projects #10 Review

Last monthJonathan Hickman brought a major status quo change to The Manhattan Projects. Issue #10 is another significant step forward for the plot, even though it takes place completely inside Oppenheimer’s head. Here’s the official description of The Manhattan Projects #10 from Image:

An in-depth look at the first decade of the ongoing war inside Oppenheimer’s brain. How far is too far behind enemy lines when the enemy is yourself?


The title of this issue plays on that of the series’ first. We’ve known since that point that Robert Oppenheimer was murdered and replaced by his brother, Joseph. Now we discover that a part of him lives on inside his twin’s mind, and is ready to fight back.

While the events of this issue are definitely important, much of what Hickman has to say is expresses more through the art than through the plot. I’d definitely be interested in seeing the script. It undoubtedly contains crucial directions to both artist Ryan Browne and colorist Jordie Bellaire. The landscape of Oppenheimer’s brain references a number of elements from the rest of the book, most prominently a giant pyramid complete with the All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati.

Ryan Browne’s work is a suitable temporary replacement for regular series artist Nick Pitarra‘s, especially since this issue is removed from recent events. His figures and faces are a little more realistic than Pitarra’s, and quite a bit more angular. The best face in the book is on a horse, though it’s no longer really “on” the horse in the scene I’m thinking of. Browne capably handles the task of drawing a book where all the characters are the same person, but draws the fantastical mindscape so realistically that it borders on mundane. Jordie Bellaire employs the same two-toned, red and blue color pallet we’ve seen used before to delineate opposing forces, but here she adds a gray tone to indicate neutrality.

The reappearance of the multiple Oppenheimers further emphasizes the role of The Manhattan Projects as a companion piece to Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four. Once TMP concludes, it should be fascinating to read them side by side. That conclusion seems to be getting closer, as Projects has definitely entered a new act.


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