The Bounce #5 Review

The odyssey of this burgeoning superhero deepens, but what does it all mean? Should you even care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Japser Jenkins is taking his first step into a larger world (and if you didn’t catch that reference, turn in your geek credentials on your way out the door!). And who is Vainglorious Vox?! Plus, prepare to explore the mysteries of the Darling!

The struggle over self definition is as old as mankind itself.  No matter what gender you belong to or where you’re from eventually we all come to a crossroads that implores us to choose a path.  In comic books that can literally be construed, in most cases, as the way of the hero.  And for our protagonist he’s come to a point where he can’t turn away anymore as the creative team capitalizes on the foundations they’ve set.

Joe Casey pens the script and from the first page to the final panel he sets out to challenge his audience. By using a confrontation that results in an overreaction then a fatality he lifts a magnifying glass over the strengths and fears of Jasper Jenkins.  It’s hard not to relate to the story, as crazy as it is, because the scribe does an amazing job delivering organic dialogue that feels innately human.  You don’t quite understand everything that happens and despite there being quite a few lingering questions when we reach the climax you don’t feel cheated by the final results.

The art by David Messina is top notch, as exquisitely formed creations litter every corner.  When the out of this world events in the later portion begin, you’ll discover just as I did how engaged you’ll become.  There were a couple times where I didn’t agree with some of the facial expressions, as I thought they were a bit over the top but for the most part the talent finds a way to strike a balances while adhering to his responsibilities to the script.

The Bounce #5 is not perfect but it is a great comic that warrants your attention. Recommended.


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