The Bounce #3 Review

In an age that’s seen just about every type of superhero you can think of, is there still room for yet another franchise with a main character dressed in spandex?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

INTRODUCING: THE HORROR! Good ol’ Jasper Jenkins has his hands full dealing with the newest threat in town (this freak lives up to his name!). Meanwhile, learn the hidden secrets tucked away inside a secret identity!

After three issues I have to say the core concept of this title is starting to carry weight with me.  We have a very basic origin with very familiar beats but there’s enough variation here to create an aura that’s intriguing.  To the creative team’s credit I was enthralled from beginning to end despite some blatant moments of familiarity.

Joe Casey pens the script and I have to say just one thing about the content within these pages: the dialogue is king.  The scribe crafts believable conversations that flow quite easily from panel to panel.  There were some off moments where the pacing seemed to be bogged down by unnecessary exposition but trust me it was these tangents where the author really soared and made this concept into something that can be all his own.  My biggest gripe is that this release feels like something I’ve read before, and at this point that’s a mixed bag which inevitably invites comparisons with other franchises.

The art by David Messina is just as inviting as it needs to be.  The skillful talent crafts a genuine vision that fits within the confines of the narrative while also exploiting familiar tropes which allows this comic world to blend in with the crowd. The way he goes about facial expressions and bodily forms fits within the text but I found a couple panels were a bit off in regards to their execution.  Thankfully the coloring by Sonia Harris gives the pencil strokes and inked lines enough spirit to diversify as they become something more.

The Bounce #3 is a good read that does enough right to warrant your attention. Recommended.


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