Thanos Rising #5 Review

What if everything you thought you knew about life and death, was a lie?

This, the final issue in the 5-part mini-series, brings to light some things we didn’t quite know about Marvel’s most tragic character.

The official description from Marvel:

Thanos’ Rise is now complete…. setting the stage for Marvel’s massive, universe changing event: INFINITY!

This issue has changed the way I look at all other Thanos stories that have come before it. It has that “once you see it” kind of impact. The view cannot be undone. I am actually surprised, and I have to say, this mini-series has added quite a bit more depth to an already deep character.

Jason Aaron did it. He found a way to re-write an aspect of a character – not only to improve up on the story, but to extend the significance of that character in the universe around him. He also did it in a way that doesn’t defile the original work. I can honestly look back on the existing Thanos stories and see this new way of thinking. Brilliant.

Simone Bianchi’s art has been in lock-step with story from Issue 1. It is a tragic tale, seeded in darkness that Bianchi has brought to life – making the beauty more beautiful and the depravity more obscene. Thanos’ complex emotional existence has been matched word-for-pencil every step of the way. He has certainly given Starlin and Lim a run for their money when it comes to epic depiction of this cosmic powerhouse.

After this amazing mini-series, one thing is for sure – Thanos is no longer simply a fool suffering unrequited love…He has risen, and once again will descend to the depths of infinity – battling his truth, and embracing his destiny.


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