Thanos Rising #3 Review

Love is the driving force behind much good and evil.

The official description from Marvel:

The Mad Titan flees his home in search of true love. But how many lives will he have to take to find it? The book so blood-soaked you’ll be glad it’s a mini-series.

With his “science experiments” behind him, Thanos decides to try a new method of discovery in his life-long search for true love. This new path is fraught with “harlots and mewling bastards” as well as a good amount of space pirate adventure. But does it satisfy him? Does it fill the void that was created so many years ago?

No. Nothing satisfies him. Not for any length of time anyway.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jason Aaron (at Heroes Con 2013) before reading this issue yesterday (June 6th, 2013). I told him that I was looking forward to reading this issue and that he is doing a fantastic job with my most favorite of characters. Mixed into this conversation he said, “This issue is much darker than the last.” Shocked, I just couldn’t imagine how that was possible.

Needless to say, it was.

In previous reviews I stayed away from a 5/5, leaving room for improvement. The improvement I was waiting for has arrived – I was completely blown away by this issue. This is as dark a story as I have ever read a comic book. It may be too dark for much of the audience. The concepts and portrayals of death will haunt you long after you put the book down.

Simone Bianchi once again does the issue complete justice when it comes to capturing the essence of the darkness and the depth portrayed in story. Thanos’ depiction in comparison to his beautiful counterparts becomes completely clear in this issue.  How else would you portray such a tormented outcast who was forced to wander the stars in search for something he will never find?


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