Superior Spider-Man #5 Review

When fighting a monster such as this particular one, how far will the man pretending to be a Superior Spider-Man go to protect countless lives?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Issue #5 – “Death Sentence”

• How many have to die before the Superior Spider-Man will kill a super villain?

• Spider-Man versus Massacre– with hundreds of lives in the balance.

When this controversial series began there were certainly some mixed feelings regarding this premise, to say the least.  But whether you were among the ardent followers who decried the change or supported it from the get-go there’s absolutely no denying the fact that the teams that have worked with it so far have certainly built something that may become worthwhile in its own right.

Dan Slott absolutely nails this complicated and compelling tale with intricate but precise literary fire that ultimately yields what can only be described as expert storytelling.  The seasoned author plays on all the established tropes as he slowly but surely builds toward whatever dark future awaits this warped version of the classic superhero. The script simply nails the dialogue in a way that uplifts this terrible path from what could have been several key stumbling points for this fledgling property, while slowly but surely setting it upon its own destined track.

The art by Giuseppe Camuncoli in this riveting jaunt is by far his best to date.  From the character renditions to the spectacular panel work this seasoned artist certainly came out to play as his pencil stokes embrace this complicated but compelling narrative.  From the first page to the final sequence I was simply absorbed by the striking renditions of the world within this franchise, but there were a few moments where the style seemed to be a bit too strong for its own good.

Superior Spider-Man #5 continues this compelling and devastating look at a world where Peter Parker is not himself.  There are some spotty moments but the creative team crafts a compelling journey that’s sure to please its core audience… even if it does anger them a bit.  Recommended.


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