Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 #1 Review

Is this really a worthwhile story for the Star Wars faithful to purchase with their hard-earned cash?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Exploring the galaxy . . . Solo style!

Despite her famous heritage, Ania Solo is just a girl trying to make her way in a galaxy gone bad. But it all gets worse when she comes into possession of a lightsaber and an Imperial communications droid—and discovers she has been targeted for death!

When it comes to dipping into these Sith and Jedi infested waters, it can be a rather tricky prospect. Thankfully for this little corner of the expanded universe the creative team at hand has taken the Legacy brand and turned in something that might just create a truly memorable reading experience.

The script by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman had some stumbles here and there but overall,the good far out weighed the bad as the duo brought forth classic tropes while embracing our lead character’s journey.  In the process of telling us about our heroine, Ania Solo, the authors delve out a great deal of information that will certainly catch any new followers up to speed.  And to their credit when they do tap into the history surrounding the specific juncture this narrative evolves in a competent way.

Gabriel Hardman handles the art, and from the first page to the final panel the illustrations are exactly the high caliber that this series and franchise demands.  With the use of realistic forms and detailed backgrounds each visual feels both functional and fresh in a way that simply sells the authenticity of this storied saga.  Whether you’re looking for a solid representation of the classic characters or a smart extension of this ongoing odyssey, then smile because this talent is certainly up to that task.

Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 #1 is a solid first outing that will quickly catch up any new followers while smartly forging ahead in its own way.  You could not ask for a better team than the one we’ve got and I can’t wait to read what they do next. Recommended.


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