So this is the new “Darkseid”…Meh…

So this is the moment that DC’s new Justice League has been leading to…the Darkseid reveal. And now that it’s here, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. He just seems like the same, regular old Darkseid to me.

I know, I know…he shouldn’t have to look completely different. I was just expecting a better look, something along the lines of Marvel’s re-imagining in their “Ultimate Comics”. Look at how well they adapted the Green Goblin or Captain Mar-Vell. With DC’s Jim Lee, I was just expecting a bit more.

You might be asking…Batman doesn’t look different? Superman doesn’t look different? Well, that’s true, none of the heroes have a completely revolutionary re-design…but the villains should. The heroes have monthly books entirely dedicated to their lives. We learn about their past, their future, and everything that motivates their heroism.

But we don’t get that opportunity with villains. They only reveal themselves in brief moments, caught between lurking shadows and ominous silhouettes. So the rare chances we do get to see a completely revealed super-villain, they should be shocking and full of good old epic win. But they haven’t done that with their New 52. DC’s mildly received Final Crisis did a better job re-imagining Darkseid than this new official reboot and the whole ordeal has me with a sense of…meh…

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  • Dane Ingham

    it’s better than before…he was just some space god in underwear before…this is more alien.

  • steve

    I guess, but he still looks about the same to me. In all honesty, it seems like DC’s concept of a reboot is to layer all of their characters in fresh armor. Think about their redesigns…Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, even Flash has a bit of a padded look

  • david levack

    you have way too high of an expectation of jim lee as a designer. alex ross is a quintessential designer. not jim lee. simply look at the catalog