So That Infinity FCBD Book Made No Sense To You Either?

Man that damn Infinity comic sure didn’t make any sense did it? If Free Comic Book Day is geared towards new readers this entry really failed. Writer of the issue Jonathan Hickman came out of the shadows today and explained what the hell was happening in this. Through further research into this comic, I discovered that the villains known as The Outriders who appear in this issue are actually freaking Dazzler villains! The characters were created by Archie Goodwin in Dazzler #40 in 1985. Hickman’s Avengers run so far has been incredibly deep, but above all else it proves that he loves the Marvel Universe way more than you or I. The bombastic Marvel editor Tom Brevoort shared that the weird black guy in the infamous FCBD issue was one of  five “generals” of Thanos named,

Brevoort continued to say the following,

I don’t know if it’s so much an ally as it is a lieutenant. Thanos is going to have five different subordinates within “Infinity” proper. We’ve seen Thanos as the head of big armies of guys in the past, he’s had his armada of Thanos-Thralls and guys that have assisted him, but they’ve all kind of been faceless. I’d look at this as a good opportunity to introduce some characters and get some new villainous blood into the Marvel Universe in a big way. Here, we’re going to have five characters, they’re all different, they all have separate backstories and histories and modus operandi and so forth, but what unites them at the moment is that they’re working under Thanos, for his cause and to his ends. We’ll see them, learn them, get to see them in action and then they’ll be on the stage where thereafter they can be characters that go up against our heroes — particularly our heroes that are on the higher end of the scale, power-wise.

Check out some of Jim Cheung’s designs on Glaive below,

Here is a shot of Glaive in action in the Infinity prologue,

The event kicks off in September so stay tuned for more info, word is that two more generals of Thanos are going to be announced on wednesday!

Source: CBR