Skullkickers #18 Review

Taking a break between arcs, its time for a a “tavern tales” issue of Skullkickers. Skullkickers #18 is a larger issue full of a number of smaller stories featuring the main protagonists (if they can be called such).

First, the official description from Image:

With our third story arc wrapped up, it’s time for the next Tavern Tales issue. This time, the tales can’t be contained in just 32 pages. This extra large issue is jammed with some of the biggest indie creators in the business alongside our Tavern Tales Contest Winners!

Since this is a collection of smaller issues, it makes sense to look at each separately; especially since each has its own creative team and talent behind it.

First up, then is Weekend at Burnies. This is one of the funnier titles that captures some of Skullkickers’ charm. The artwork, however, is questionable. I quite like the traditional style of the title, but this divergence is too different for me. It won’t stop you enjoying the story, however.

Next up is The Magic Bag. This story takes a more unique approach, being devoid of dialogue or narration. A simple concept, The Magic Bag makes fun of a common fantasy trope; the bag of holding.  Its simple effective and funny. Of course, mocking fantasy tropes is what Skullkickers is all about.

This is followed by The Corran’s Tears. This title plays up some common fantasy ideas, but it seems to stick to the common idea that all Dwarves love ale. Still, its a fun little romp, even if its based on this simple premise.

Games People Play has a similar concept to The Magic Bag, although with more dialogue. Anyone with a working knowledge of role playing games is no doubt familiar with the tropes being mocked both here and in The Magic Bag.

Tavern Tales offers another quick romp, again playing on both fantasy ideals and a general sense of humor. With a small amount of slapstick, this story is a quick read that proves very satisfying.

Finally, the last story (which seems devoid of a title) is probably one of the best. Its hilarious, drawing on more fantasy staples and developing them in a humorous way. Of course, there’s a fair amount of fighting and drinking involved too. Its very funny, and very Skullkickers.



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