Shaolin Cowboy #4 Review

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This issue and mini-series ends with a BANG! You will not believe what you see in this, the fourth and final issue of the latest Shaolin Cowboy series.

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

Shaolin Cowboy 4 CoverIt is high doom in the low desert, as the Shaolin Cowboy tries to turn the tide on a dead sea of kamikaze zombies and learns that the devil you know may be easier to deal with than the devil you don’t. Thirty-one pages of fists and feet versus rotting flesh. It’s not J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Die.

* From multiple Eisner winner Geof Darrow (Hard Boiled, The Big Guy and Rusty)!

* The blood-rushing conclusion!

* So much action, you’ll get an adrenaline contact high!

* Don’t miss Darrow each month in Dark Horse Presents!

Wow, Geof Darrow does it again. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, we get even more heavily artistic, non-dialog pages filled with zombie carnage Kung Fu action. And while this issue feels like it was created with the disappointing knowledge that the series had been cut short, it delivers a consistent and somber message: No one gets out alive.

Well maybe jerks and frogs, but that is neither here nor there.

Never before has tearing through a hoard of tattooed, bug infested, naked zombies with one’s fists looked as easy. Both “the Cowboy” and Geof make the effort involved look natural. And once again I am completely blown away by the amount of detail penciled on each page. It is just astonishing.

This mini-series of Shaolin Cowboy may be over, but the story lives on. Or un-deads on. Either way, it deserves a consistently great score for consistently fantastic work:



And as the official description states, be sure to check out Darrow each month in Dark Horse Presents!

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