Savage Dragon #190 Review


Savage Dragon #190 doesn’t throw too many surprises and curve balls at the reader, which may or may not please you. Still, as slow issues go, it still has plenty to offer.

The official description from Image:

The countdown to the biggest and most significant change for SAVAGE DRAGON continues as Dragon faces Mako in jail for their most brutal battle ever!
This issue follows the recent plot lines of Savage Dragon. On one hand is the titular dragon himself in prison, whilst the other focuses on Malcolm dragon with more personal life issues. Of course, there’s still plenty of action, but Savage Dragon #190 strikes a better balance between both action and dialogue.
Still, it might just be the writing, but some elements seem poor. I get that Savage Dragon is in jail, but all he does is fight. Yes, there’s a point to it but Savage Dragon is a title over-saturated in one or two-page fight scenes. It’s hard to tell when something is and isn’t important. This one only becomes important because the dialogue beforehand (and after) isn’t exactly subtle in alerting the reader. That said, the more personal focus on Malcolm is something I’ve praised before; one again I can see a more mature understanding that is really making the character more unique.
The art, on the other hand, is the usual standard from the title. Mike Toris provides the flats, which seem to be the foundations for this art style, with Nikis Koutsis on colors. The definition helps on the close-ups, but the flats always stand out. It suits certain scenes, but sometimes the balance of detail shifts slightly from panel to panel.

All in all, this issue feels a little like filler, but it’s good filler. At the very least its an enjoyable read that seems to be going somewhere.


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