Savage Dragon #182 Review


After some large shake-ups in the Savage Dragon universe, Savage Dragon #182 begins a new arc, offering a much tighter story that looks to be showing some key character developments. Well written and full of charm, this is a surprisingly enjoyable issue of Savage Dragon. I say “surprisingly” enjoyable because the titular dragon does not make an appearance.

First, the official description from Image:

Overlord is back – and it’s up to Malcolm Dragon and Angel to bring him in. Are they up for the task? The answer will shock you! Comes with our highest possible recommendation!

This issue, and the new story arc from the looks of it, focuses very tightly on Malcolm and Angel. Given the recent events, and Savage Dragon’s absence from earth, this is a very good decision. It gives fresh air to the title, whilst focusing on characters that have always been around and occasionally prominent; it only seems fair that they get their chance to shine.

The introduction, in particular, shows a lot of depth to the characters. The interaction with Thunderhead and Wargod highlights a lot of this, bringing definition to the characters. Dragon’s decisions ultimately reflect well, giving him a greater sense of realism, whilst the writing makes his actions very distinct from his father’s. It certainly demonstrates a broader distinction than just ‘good vs evil'; something every long running comic is in need of.

As for actual villains, the issue focuses on Overlord. He may look strange, but hes one of the more interesting Savage Dragon villains. In this case, the conflicts between Overlord and Dragon is used to great effect to demonstrate the key differences between the two. The dialogue in between the action gets to the point without disrupting the scene too much.

Aside from the main arc, there is still plenty to read. This title still shows some of the effects of All-God’s death. It might not seem like much, but it gives the world a greater sense of realism, depicting it as a place where All-Gods death has actual repercussions and consequences. Without spoiling anything, there’s certainly no suggestion that everyone has just forgotten and moved on, Savage Dragon #182 continues the recent trend of making sure the repercussions of major incidents are felt.

All in all, this is a great read and a good start to a new arc. With what promises to a much more localized storyline, this change in pace may just be what Savage Dragon needs right now.

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