Satellite Sam #13 Review

With everyone on edge and deals to be made in the newest issue of Satellite Sam, people have had it. Will the show survive? Read on to find out more.

Mike and Kara split up just as the good Doctor makes his final offer: the Le Monde Network can’t survive without Satellite Sam…but Satellite Sam can survive without Michael.

When a children’s show happens most people think nothing more but the good characters and strong morals that it SatelliteSam_13-1teaches our children but that may not be the case behind closed doors. In fact, in the case of Satellite Sam that is far from the truth. The underworld of the children’s television and the seedy actors behind get taken apart with the newest issue of Satellite Sam.  This issue deals  the with relationship of Mike and Kara. They have had their ups and downs and some betrayals that occur throughout the series but this seems to be the last straw as they split up for several different reason. Then we have the doctor getting more and more involved and wanting to make an offer that some people can’t refuse. Now the big thing is what is going to happen because of the troubles with actors in the series. There is a real sense of fear with this and it continues to be an issue.

Matt Fraction continues to be a power house in the comic book world. The characters are real and he gives them the emotions required for a comic book of this caliber. It is really intense and makes you want to keep reading. It is also just a unique story.

Howard Chaykin does a great job bring the noir style to life. There are a lot panels and each one feels special. It is a really great style.

Satellite Sam is fantastic story and brings the stakes with this issue.

+Compelling and interesting story +A wonderful and terrible cast of characters +Really gritty drawings +A very interesting ending

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