Satellite Sam #12 Review


In the under belly of children’s television we have a murder and sleezy people trying to get their own selfish things. However, the mystery keeps getting weirder and weirder.

The official description from Image:

Everybody’s got their something. Sometimes that something is sex, death, and live TV.

STK666469This series has an odd way of keeping you engaged but, also, you have to pay a lot of attention because you can miss something if you don’t have the ability to slow down. If you haven’t read this series from the beginning then you have must go back because it is not something you can pick up and just go.

The series is about a television series, where the characters are much different than the people that they portray on tv. In fact, they are kind of terrible people. There is some mystery going on behind the scene but it is, also, just a character piece. These people live lives that are crazy and just plain dark. You may not like some of the characters but you will find something to enjoy in this world.

Matt Fraction continues to show that he is a king of comic book writing. His stories are very interesting and fantastic. Fraction does some really neat and interesting comic book that are fantastic that you must see. The way that he crafts a story and the people that are involved work so well. You will have to read this series to see what he does with a story to really get a handle on him as a writer.

Howard Chaykin does a fantastic job of bringing their characters to life. The black and white really does a fantastic job of highlighting and shadowing of the world. It is super cool. Also, the characters look so cool.

Satellite Same #12 is a fantastic issue with some great moments.

  • + A interesting mystery
  • + The characters are realistic
  • + The black and white works
  • + Just an all around great comic

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