Saga #4 Review


An excellent follow up, Saga #4 is an issue that builds on everything that made the previous issues work so well. There’s enough character development, narrative and world building to keep the series going at a good pace.

The official description from Image:

Welcome to SEXTILLION, a distant planet where even your darkest fantasies become reality. See why everyone’s talking about this hit new ongoing adventure from BRIAN K VAUGHAN and FIONA STAPLES!

There’s a mixed focus here, with the narrative split between the usual antagonists of Alana and Marco and the increasingly interesting The Will. Alana and Marko don’t have too much dialogue, but its a step up for Marco considering he was previously unconscious.

Although he’s featured in previous issues, its the development of The Will as a true anti-hero that makes this article a shining example of the series. He’s a typical ‘bad guy’, but with enough personality and character development that you don’t always hate him. Also, he has a big blue “lying cat” that points out when he’s lying. Does it make sense? Not really, but that makes it all the more awesome; it just works somehow.

This issue explores Sextillion. As the name suggests, its a little seedy. The artwork here truly sells the point across. The design and style blends classical, perverse and the down right alien into a fascinating depiction of a futuristic world indulging in excess. The design and colours easily convey what would otherwise be a difficult concept to get behind.

However, each page offers something new; not many comics can have a man walk through this world for 3 pages without talking and still keep me interested. It speaks volumes about the world and The Will. Of course, it later goes into the dark side of such a world, which only helps develop the sense of realism that makes this universe feel so alive.

Furthermore, I’m pleased to see the return of the narrating baby. It ties the various parallel story lines together thematically, and helps the plot build up tension and suspense. With another interesting cliffhanger, I’m once again eagerly awaiting the next issue.


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  • Ciaran

    Haven’t read it since issue 1 (just forgot about it but I did enjoy the first issue) think I need to get back on this!