Rocky and Bullwinkle #3: Review

Rocky and Bullwinkle are back. And, man, this might be one of the most enjoyable reboots in recent memory.

Here’s the official word from IDW:

In “First Moose on the Moon,” The Pottsylvania Space Program, which was started in 1961, has finally managed to launch their first rocket…with Boris and Natasha inside! What are they building on the moon?! And Dudley’s up against Snidley’s new scheme: The Snidely Shopping Network, a TV channel that sells worthless junk. Why can’t Dudley turn it off?

Mark Evanier, the writer who made his name and fame by penning scripts for classic Hanna-Barbera RockyBull-03-pr-1-c708dcartoons has really done a delightful job of reprising everyone’s favorite moose and squirrel in this latest endeavor from IDW. And issue #3, which toggles between the present day and 1961, might be one of the tightest, silliest, and most charming stories yet. Most impressive Evanier’s ease with all these classic characters is incredibly evident — even though this series (obviously) lacks the soundtrack and visual gags of the television show, Evanier’s writing is so drum-tight that every character feels true to the original; the geeky sincerity of Rocky trying to upend Pottsylvania’s latest scheme and Bullwinkle well-intentioned fumbling all ring true.

Again, the art by Roger Langridge couldn’t be better. Langridge’s art is so good it’s like looking at animation stills. Of particular note is his impressive pacing and staging of the outer-space sequences — the imagery here is especially impressive.

Kudos to IDW, and this creative team. So far, this book rocks.


+ A Delightful Read + And Rock Star Art

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