Rocket Girl #5: Review

After an incredible build-up and a phenomenal launch, the first arc finale of Rocket Girl offers a softer than expected ending — but at least there’s the promise of more to come.

Here’s the official word from Image:

“ONLY THE GOOD”: The hard-hitting conclusion to the first story arc! Teen time-cop DaYoung Johansson uncovers a thing or two about both New York Cities, the connection between past and future, and the secrets that people don’t even know they keep. Growing up is hard to do—and sometimes it proves to be impossible.

With issue #5 safely in the can, it’s safe to say that writer Brandon Montclare has done a fabulous job with this rginaugural arc of Rocket Girl. He’s built a compelling universe and introduced Dayoung Johansson, a kick-ass heroine who has become unstuck in time. Dayoung, who hails from a futuristic New York where kids are cops, has traveled back to the late eighties to pluck-out the seedlings of corruption before they go full bloom. After spending last issue dodging two villains from her past (and by which I mean her future), Rocket Girl’s momentum is suddenly cut short with issue #5, however, when an auxiliary character steps in and (spoiler alert) dismantles the very threat Rocket Girl has been sent to tackle. The result is an ending that feels a little too Deus ex machina for my taste, and offers a softer and more abrupt ending than I’d wanted or expected. That said, this still continues to be one of the best books around and I was delighted — DELIGHTED — with the final teaser of what’s to come.

For those of you who’ve followed this series since page one, the ride has been, well, awesome, thanks to the top-notch art of Amy Reeder. And issue #5 is no exception. Reeder’s ability to play with POV, and balance brutal fight scenes with subtle facial expressions is nothing short of outstanding. Reeder is the real deal — if you’re trying convince your grandma that comics can be art, then Reeder is exhibit #A. I can’t offer a single complaint about what she’s done here.

While the ending of Rocket Girl leaves a tad to be desired, it’s still better than most of the stuff out there. And you need to support this creative team today.


+ Good Story + But GREAT Art

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