Revival #30 Review

Revival_3030 issues in and Revival #30 looks to be going strong. That said, there are a few changes in tone and general presentation here that may be a cause of concern. Not least of all because the title seems to be prolonging itself a little too much…

The official description from Image:

After the devastating terrorist attack, Wausau adjusts its strategy of dealing with the “undead.” Now, confined to “relocation camps” for the security of the living, Revivers must learn to live with each other, as Dana and Em adjust to new lives.

There’s always been a certain political background element to Revival but this issue sees it brought to the for. With military, police and lots of news segments, there are parts to this title that just don’t feel like Revival. The personal element is a little lost, thanks to loads of guns, violence and shady characters. Is it still fun to read? Yes, but I feel like I’m reading something different.

In a way, this could be seen as a diversion tactic to prolong everything. Once a small town drama that focused a lot on the spritiual and supernatural side, Tim Seeley’s writing now explores other areas that simply aren’t as gripping. There are many action-drama comics out there, but few focused on the spiritual and personal side of immortality like this. Seeley’s writing is good, but it loses the personal connections that the likes of Dana and Em had just a few issues ago.

Visually, this is the biggest change for the title. With a quick switch, Emilio Laisio takes over the art duties. Laisio’s artwork is solid, but it doesn’t have the same approach as Norton’s. Whether this is thanks to the overall writing or the subtle artist switch, the title feels like its gone into a phase 2. Heck, the end sequence – both visually and in how its written – is not something that fits the tone. Interesting? A little, maybe, but its also a little out of the blue.

All in all, I guess time will tell what the next issue holds, but its worth keeping an eye on, just to see how much time Revival has left.

  • + Plenty of action
  • - Change of artist is easy to notice
  • - Very different tone
  • - Just feels off

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